HAIER 1.8CF Combo Washer-Dryer White Review

HAIER 1.8CF Combo Washer-Dryer White
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This washer/dryer has changed my life. OK, that might be a little overly dramatic, but now i just walk into the bathroom, throw my clothes in and have them come out super clean and (usually, mostly) dry, instead of lugging loads up and down several flights of stairs to find that someone else was already using the sketchy machines that stained and burned my clothes and ate my quarters.
The front loading washer gets clothes much cleaner than standard top loading agitator machines, like other HE machines, the wash cycles takes longer than standard top loaders.
The condensation dryer works surprisingly well, the '2 hour autodry' usually finishes in less than 2 hours and if the load is as small as they reccommend everything is dry. however, i tend to fill the machine with what it can hold to wash (for two adults and a 10 month old) and even then almost everything is dry, i just usually throw towels or jeans or anything else that's still wet back in for another cycle (15-30 mins usually) and they are dry too. To cut down on wrinkles I only use the 60 minute cycle and take the clothes out hot and steamy and line dry them for another 30min - hour or so. But the machine also has a touch up cycle so if something comes out really wrinkled you can just throw it back in for a few minutes by itself.
For me, being able to do small loads is a luxury i didn't have when i had to pay for every load in coin-op machines, and with a small child it is a necessity if you have any hope of removing stains before they set in. I have had to change my laundry habits, i do a load or two almost every day, or every other day, instead of waiting for everything i own to pile up for 3-4 weeks! and it's easy to do, because it's just right there in the bathroom and i don't need any quarters!
We ended up just unscrewing the tub spout and with a couple of connectors they helped us find at the hardware store we were able to screw the y connector directly onto the pipe coming out of the wall. I just turn on the hot or cold water before i start the machine. Since i wash so frequently we just leave the hoses connected, we really only use the shower anyways and have a handheld showerhead. We also drain into the bathtub with an old pantyhose tied around the outlet hose to catch all the lint, etc. so it doesn't clog the drain.
I can't say enough good things about this machine! I've only had it about 4 months though, hopefully it will hold up well.

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The HBF1055TVE washer comes with 1000 RPM spin speed. This Haier washer includes: 12 fabric care wash cycles, auto select wash/rinse temperature, 4 spin speed options, dispenser for bleach/fabric softener/ detergent, extended spin option, and individual hot and cold inlet valves. Dimensions (in inches): 22 13/16 D x 23 1/2 W x 33 1/2 H

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