Washing Machine Water Filter System 85470 Review

Washing Machine Water Filter System 85470
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I'm on a well and we have a lot of sediment in our water. So much sediment that we have to remove the factory installed screen on our clothes washer twice each time we wash a load of clothes. This is essentially a larger screen (trap), but more accessible and with a fibrous material included (filter). It might be a bit too restrictive for my needs. I like the product, and it's built well (solid and simple, PVC, easily disassembled/reassembled), but I'm not convinced it's any better than a pressure washer inline filter (green cap), and those have a more accessible filter if, like me, you need to remove it often.
I'll update as I use it if I'm able to edit this review.

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A problem area on all washing machines is the need to clean the inlet valve screen of sediment buildup. As this screen gets contaminated, the water flow slows, adding extended time to the wash cycle and distorting the water temperature. In extreme cases, the sediment gets trapped between the solenoid, allowing the water to continue to flow, creating flooding. The manufacturer survey indicates this screen should be cleaned every 3-12 months for homeowners on well water. This screen is located behind the machine at the base of the water line and requires the machine to be pulled out, hoses disconnected, the screen carefully removed and cleaned. After extensive research to evaluate the problem of clogged inlet valve screens, Inline Water Filters has taken the initiative to design a Washing Machine Sediment Filter for the sole intent of removing solid sediment prior to reaching the screen destination. With the average household washing 10 loads of laundry weekly, using 15,000 gallons of water yearly, this problem is especially troublesome for the 17,000,000 homeowners on well water. Our tests indicate that the use of a whole house filter lessens the problems, however doesn't prevent it as the smaller particles get through and coat the screen over time. The item on this page is the 85470 Washing Machine Inline Water Filter System. Replace the washing machine water filter with the washing machine replacement filter 84470. For new wells, replace the washing machine filter cartridge every 2-3 months. For existing wells without a whole house water filter, replace the washing machine filter cartridge every 3-6 months.

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