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Dry Gent Dish Rack
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Well, maybe not! But it is awesome! I have been on a quest for a 'good' dish drainer for years and had just about given up. I hesitated to spend so much on a dish drainer. I do not regret it at all now. I absolutely love my Dry Gent! It is so roomy, but really does not take up as much room as you would think. I like the TWO utensil holders, the drain pan (of course), the towel holder and especially like the 'flat' areas in the drainer. The Dry Gent is just perfect. I love it. I actually smile every time I use it! I would give up my dish washer before I would let my Dry Gent go!

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The Dry Gent Dish Rack neatly organizes and dry all washed kitchen utensils. Roomy and spacious, it provides ultimate protection to the kitchen sink counter area and washed dishes from splashing water during washing.It's an inexpensive and smart way to replace dish washer machines. This revolutionary drainage system is maintenance free and easy to clean, allowing dripping water to be collected into a small and removable frontal water tray. This patented feature efficiently solves standing water and drainage problems, creating a cleaner and healthier kitchen sink environment. Light weight but tough enough to carryand store all you washed dishes, plates, cups, forks, knives, and spoons. Also features side kitchen towel racks. The Dry Gent is rust proof and environmentally friendly, no assembly required. Compliments the decor of your kitchen.

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