Ginsey Rubbermaid Rubber Bath Mat Review

Ginsey Rubbermaid Rubber Bath Mat
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My local stores have switched to mystery-brand mats imported from China, and frankly, I just didn't want to risk a fall in the tub. The old mat was beyond cleaning, so it was time for a fresh one.
This Rubbermaid mat is just what I wanted. A classic, thick, non-slip mat from a manufacturer I've trusted for years, embossed with a subtle wave pattern. Yes, the price is higher than the mats imported from China, but it just isn't worth it to save a couple of dollars. Five stars for a great product.

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Add a layer of comfort and safety to the bathtub with this bath mat from Ginsey Rubbermaid. The mat's grooved wave-pattern texture provides secure footing, while the skid-resistant suction cups underneath grip smooth surfaces to keep it firmly in place. Made with latex-free and anti-microbial materials, the mat is designed to stay clean, prevent bacterial buildup, and go easy on the skin. It measures 1/2 inch thick, covers a 17-by-36-inch surface, and can be machine washed for maintenance.

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