Anti-Vibration Pads for Washers and Dryers Review

Anti-Vibration Pads for Washers and Dryers
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These should ONLY be called antislip feet. They ar the same material that is already on the bottom of my washer feet, just lots more of it. The do NOT dampen any vibration, and possibly make more because they make it nearly immposible to get the machine level. They create a more wabbley base. My 2nd floor laundry room was very level and so was my washer but on the highest spin with heavy loads the energy is transfered to the house creating very tiny wavelength vibrations. My washer did NOT wabble, walk or move at all with out these feet. With these feet under it never felt level. My husband and I spent HOURS with it trying to get it stable and level. It never felt stable. We decided to give it a week to try to see if it was us simply noticing everything again but we saw nor felt any change or improvement over the time in which we used these.
If you need grip feet I think these will be good for you, otherwise they are NOT ANITVIBRATION feet.

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This pack of 4 anti-vibration pads from Derens and General Electric is safe for all types of flooring. These heavy rubber pads can be used on second floor installations. They have bottom treads to grip the floor and a recessed area to secure washer and dryer leveling legs.

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