Rit Dye Powder- Color Remover 2 Oz Review

Rit Dye Powder- Color Remover 2 Oz
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Rit Color Remover contains a mixture of sodium hydrosulfite and sodium carbonate. It often works well to remove unwanted dye run stains, and it can also be used to make lovely designs in fiber art, as well. Be sure to buy enough packages, as you will need four boxes to run one extra-large washing machine load, three for a large load, or two for a medium-sized washing machine load.
Rit Color Remover is gentler to fabric than chlorine bleach (hypochlorite), and, unlike chlorine bleach, it rinses out completely, so there is no need for an additional step to neutralize it. In contrast, if you use chlorine bleach to remove dye, you must neutralize it afterwards with Anti-Chlor, Bleach-Stop, or hydrogen peroxide (never an acid such as vinegar!). Otherwise, the bleach will continue to eat away at the fabric, even after washing, and shorten the life of the garment. This is not an issue with Rit Color Remover, which does not need to be neutralized, only washed out.
There can be no guarantee that any type of dye remover will work. Some dyes simply cannot be discharged or bleached. Also, the underlying original color of the garment may or may not be affected. It is best to use Rit Color Remover to remove dye runs on colored garments only when it is worth risking removing the original color. That said, Rit Color Remover has saved many garments that would otherwise have been ruined.
For dye artists, Rit Color Remover allows 'reverse tie dye', by removing dye to leave light areas on a dark background, and provides mysterious looking and wonderful results in shibori. The famed shibori artist Carter Smith uses the same chemical as that found in Rit Color Remover for his discharge dyeing.
The package also claims that Rit Color Remover can be used on whites to remove stains such as fruit juice, ketchup, tea, and rust. It is safe for all fabrics that can be washed in hot water.

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RIT-Powdered Fabric Dye.This package contains one 1oz box of dye. Enough for approximately 1 pound dry weight or about 3 yards medium weight fabric.Dye conforms to ASTM D4236.Made in USA.

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