Samsung WF210ANW 4 cu. Ft. High Efficiency Front-Load Washer - White Review

Samsung WF210ANW 4 cu. Ft. High Efficiency Front-Load Washer - White
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Purchased this locally, but sharing this review in case it is useful to anyone else. Even when I don't buy item on Amazon, I always appreciate the information that others share as I try to make purchase decisions.
This unit replaces a 12-y.o Whirlpool top-loader, which had some mechanical difficulties that made for loud operation. Right up front, the sound level is an amazing improvement.
Design: Attractive, clean lines, clear display. I like the front-load configuration, with some qualifiers. First, without the separate pedestal, you need to lean down, squat, or kneel to see deeply into the drum. Not bad, but a change from top-loader. Second, as dallas7 already noted, the access panel to clean the filter is near the floor, so without the pedestal, there will not be a lot of space for a pan under the drain hose. I don't find those things upsetting, and at some point may consider adding the optional pedestal, because I think the storage would help to organize my laundry room.
The door hinge is on the left side as you face the unit, and cannot be changed. This is likely to be best if your laundry room has washer on left and dryer on right. When I pull laundry out of top-loader, entangled pieces may fall back into tub. With front-loader, entangled items are more likely to drape toward the floor. Putting a laundry basket beneath the door would be practical to keep clean clothing off the floor (on any front-loader, I suspect). When I open the door after a wash load, a few drops of water fall from the door. Not a problem for us, but noting in case it matters to someone.
Operation: The washer senses load size. There are cycles for permanent press, heavy duty, normal, rinse & spin, quick wash, and delicate. As you turn the dial to select among these, lights show you what wash/rinse temp, spin speed, and soil level will apply for each. You can customize these options, and can save a custom configuration as "my cycle." You cannot set load size, which is a change from old machine. There's a child lock, implemented by pressing a two-button combination, and also a pause function to allow the door to be opened part way through the cycle. There is a digital display of time remaining in the cycle.
Performance: I've run 3 loads. I like the machine. I obviously can't comment on whether it will last 20 years, but I can tell you how it operated for me. First load, 12 pairs of adult jeans and a single-thickness sweat shirt, run on heavy duty. When machine was started, it displayed 1:30 run time. After it finished sensing, it upgraded the run time to 2:07. I'd read reviews that indicated that front-loaders use less water, and one reviewer complained that the machine did not fully soak the laundry. This was not my experience at all. I watched for awhile (yes, pulled up a seat and watched the dirty clothing go 'round). Clothing was thoroughly wet and pieces mixed while they cycled. As noted, operation was very quiet and there was no observable vibration. It ran very nicely.
Reviews on another site noted the improved spin efficiency, with less water left in laundry. This seemed to be true. Clothing was not drippy. More notably, I placed the load in the same dryer I've been using. Today, the seams and waistbands were not still cool or damp when the dryer buzzed. They dried completely, and the only change was the washer. I did not time the dryer cycle, but I run on moisture sensing, rather than timed, so it may also have run a shorter cycle.
Ran the second load on "normal." I think it started with a 58 minute run time predicted and it did not increase after the sensing cycle. The third load, towels, started with a 1:30 heavy duty cycle time and also did not increase. It appears that the machine noted the heavy load of jeans and adjusted, but otherwise ran default times.
Maintenance: I am pleased that the filter is accessible. That was not the case on old machine, and I think it is a good idea. I understand that I should run a "clean" cycle with a cleaner/freshener about once a month. Cleaning and odor seem to be a concern with front-loaders. I'm hoping that preventive maintenance will keep this from being a problem. Also considering leaving door open to dry for a few hours after last cycle.
I'm pleased so far. I paid a good bit less than the listed price here (search on "samsung wf210" for comparisons). Found a sale at one place that was ship-to-store, but was able to get price match at a local place that had in stock, with free next-day delivery, hook-up, and haul away of old unit. For the amount of the difference, I'd definitely recommend checking that option.
Hope that is some help. I really appreciate all the product information I have collected from this community over the years, thanks!

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