Excel 110v Compact Portable Clothes Tumble Dryer Review

Excel 110v Compact Portable Clothes Tumble Dryer
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This is a great little dryer for small spaces. You don't need a vent for this little electric dryer, but it does need to be about 4 inches away from the wall for the hot air exhaust to function properly. The dryer isn't really noisy but it does sound like an AC running; after a while it fades into background noise. There are only two settings: Soft and Normal. These functions adjust the heat setting. The dryer also uses a timer setting like a toaster oven and ranges from 10-160 min. of dry time. The drum is small and the manual recommends only 2.8 lbs of clothes. This is about the equivalent of two towels or a change of clothes. I gave this a three stars rating because the dryer setting is not as hot which means you may have to run it a little longer for desired results. Also the door reminds me of doll house plastic; it's flimsy so be careful with it, and sometimes annoying when trying to close. I also gave it three stars because the price could have been a little lower based on its performance. None of these things are major problems but it is enough to lower the rating. It's about the size of a 19" TV (not a digital flat screen...think older model). It can be wall mounted with brackets but you'll have to purchase those because they aren't included. The outside stays cool to the touch. Overall, for such a small dryer it does a decent job.

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You are looking at the world famous Excel Compact Dryer.Used in Europe for years , now available to energy smart americaDoes not require a vent to the outside, can be installed in closet, vestier or bathroom to dry socks, underwear and other light clothes.It is not recommended for drying heavy clothes like Blue Jeans and Sweaters The Excel Compact Clothes is the perfect appliance for everyone It's unique and beautiful design will lavishly decorate your living areaWith remarkable electronic technology that does not require outside venting the outstanding Excel DRYER saves up to 50% in energy consumption when compared to older technology dryers. Multiple Uses:This amazing instant water heater is designed for fitting in small spaces. College Students will love to have them in their dorm roomGreat for Seniors personal lingerieExcellent to have in the dressing room to dry underwear and towelsGreat for warming up towels in a cold winter morning, just put em the dryer and run it will you take a showerSailboats - can be connected to a 500Watt inverter , uses only 420 wattsPowerboats can be connected to a 500Watt inverter uses only 420 wattsCabanas MotelsSmall ApartmentsHunting CabinsRV's Motor HomesCampersGyms CAPACITY:3.0 lbs of ClothesDIMENSIONS :It is a compact appliance , measures only 19" x 11" x 19 " (2.3 cu feet) Infinite applications can be found for the extraordinary Excel Compact Dryer . Our customers also use them for outdoor camping, RV′s, motels, small roadside hotels and other situations where small loads of laundry have to be driedRight now, what you are getting is the opportunity to buy this fabulous leading edge technology at much less than the manufacturers suggested retail price $499.

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