Haier HDC1804TW 4-Place-Setting Tabletop Dishwasher Review

Haier HDC1804TW 4-Place-Setting Tabletop Dishwasher
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I ordered this from Amazon and it arrived today. I decided on this model specifically because I could get a great deal on shipping via Amazon prime. But I wanted to answer a couple of questions that I had before buying the item that I didn't really see answered anywhere else. Hopefully this helps some people.-This unit is great for singles or possibly even couples. I am single but love to cook, I also work a full time job and am going to school full time, so spending 20-30 minutes (Because I let them overflow) a few times per week doing dishes by hand is just impracticable. I was a little worried about what you can actually fit in it, and I don't know what the heck a place setting is, so here is what I could fit in it in one load: One large Frying pan, One Medium Sauce Pan, A couple large drinking glasses, a "standard" dinner plate (I am guessing 10.5"?), a couple of small plastic containers, and a few cooking utensils. I was able to make these all fit by removing the cutlery basket - I figure that I have enough forks/spoons to save them for the next time. So there is a practical expectation of what you can fit. It seemed to clean all of that stuff very good on the normal setting. If I was having company over I may have to run two separate loads, one for pots & pans and one for plates, bowls, glasses, etc.- I am fairly impressed with the quality of this unit. I was a little worried that this would be more of a toy or a novelty item, but it really does work great. It works exactly the same way as a full sized dish washer does, just on a smaller scale. The faucet hookup makes it flexible and easy to install. It was very easy, it took me about 5-10 minutes until everything was up and running. -The size is bigger than I was expecting, I will admit I had assumed that I had plenty of space and didn't measure - Luckily I have about a 1/2 Inch of clearance from under my cabinets and about an inch on every other side - It was a really tight fit, you should not be stupid like me and measure before purchasing.-The unit is pretty loud, pretty comparable with a standard dish washer, I would guess that they have less room for sound dampening with the smaller size. It doesn't bother me but it is something to keep in mind for small apartments if you have sensitive neighbors.Just some other tid-bits:
-Unlike some models I looked at, this unit has a drain pump instead of draining via gravity, so in theory you might be able to put this at a lower level than your sink, like under your cabinets. I haven't tried that, but the drain water does come out with substantial pressure.
-It comes with the quick connect faucet connector for hooking your drain/input hoses all together. It also has a separate drain hose for permanent installation, the manual says that you will have to supply your own input hose though for permanent installation.
-This unit uses a "dumping" method for the detergent. You put the detergent in an indent on the door and it dumps it when you close it. So there is no sort of "Pre Rinse" or anything.
-It seems to handle pausing the cycle pretty good. Even pausing the unit in the middle of draining doesn't phase it at all. Nice for me because I frequently forget to put things in until the wash cycle is halfway done.
-It does have a spot on the door for putting Rinse Agents in (Like Jet Dry, etc), which should help with drying. A nice addition!
-Speaking of drying, the unit doesn't seem to have any sort of air or steam drying or anything. It just sits for 15-20 minutes after the rinse cycle and waits for the water to evaporate to dry the dishes. Works great for glasses, plates, pans, etc. Not so great for plastic, which doesn't retain heat as good, but this seems like the case with a lot of dish washers, I can deal with it.
-The unit claims to use a max of 1280 watts (1200 for the heating element), and 2.5 Gallons of water per cycle. The Normal Cycle lasts 90 minutes, and the Heavy cycle lasts about 120 Minutes, Light is around 40 minutes.All in all, I am very satisfied with the unit, and the awesome deal on Amazon prime shipping. I also purchased the 3 Year Squaretrade warranty just in case. I have no worries that I will need it, but I have heard that these portable units in general are prone to leaking. Again, I am not concerned about THIS particular model, but the additional warranty was just about $20 or so and I have heard great things about Squaretrade. I would definitely recommend this to any singles/couples stuck in an apartment without a dishwasher, and sick of tired of doing them by hand.
I will update this review if anything changes.
***3 Week Update***
I am STILL very pleased with the unit, it has saved me so much time. It is definitely holding up fine, and once you learn how to pack things in there you can easily fit MORE than I had posted in the original review. I am also impressed as you are able to fit full sized cookie sheets and pizza pans in it (Just put them on the very top).
After using it for about a month, I would recommend as a tip that you use the Gel detergents over the powdered detergents, as I have noticed that sometimes the powdered detergent can leave residue on the dried dishes. It just seems like the gel detergent mixes better.
Other than that, I still recommend this. Of course I will update it if anything else happens.

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Some may love washing dishes by hand, but for those who don't or have too busy of a schedule, this tabletop dishwasher offers exceptional time-saving convenience. The unit features a stainless-steel spray arm and tub that won't chip, crack, or rust, and its spacious cavity can hold up to four place settings--perfect for apartments or smaller size kitchens. Stand salad and dinner plates in the upright position, bowls at an angle, cups upside down along the upper tier, and silverware in the utensil basket. Then choose from three automatic wash cycles--heavy, normal, and gentle--by making a selection from the machine's user-friendly electronic touch-pad controls. Add soap--and it takes care of the rest. The dishwasher offers a quick sink-connect option or a fixed-installation option, and its compact design stores easily and out of the way in a standard-size kitchen cabinet when not in use, helping to keep those countertops clear for other daily tasks. Additional highlights include a heavy-duty removable lower rack, a convenient drain pump, and a high-quality filtration system. In a sleek, modern design and weighing about 50 pounds, the tabletop dishwasher measures 18-8/9 by 22-3/5 by 17-1/5 inches.

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