Venta LW44 Air Humidifier and Purifier All-in-one Review

Venta LW44 Air Humidifier and Purifier All-in-one
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Update on January 15, 2008:
Yesterday, the motor in my Venta unit began making a grinding sound after nearly six year of flawless operation. I called Venta customer service this afternoon. After wating a rather long time on hold, I was connected to a very pleasant man, George, who asked me to put the phone next to the motor so he could hear the noise. I did, and he did.
Without a moment's hesitation, George said he would have a new motor shipped at no cost to me, and that delivery could be expected within 5 - 7 business days.
It's always a pleasant surprise to find a company standing unquestioningly behind their warranty. If only more understood that's all it takes to create loyal customers.
Update on September 17, 2007:
I'm pleased to report , my review, below, is still true in every detail. This product has been a terrific investment.
I live in a desert~like New York City apartment and have owned my Venta Air Washer for almost exactly two years. During this time it has been operating on the "high" setting, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The Air Washer lives up to all of the manufacturer's claims.
The Air Washer is a product of fanatical German engineering, over~design and bullet~proof construction, which accounts for it's rather grotesque price. However, I have owned products of inferior engineering and construction that have had to be replaced after one or two seasons. It is obvious I will own my Air Washer for many years to come.
The principles of operation could not be more simple (it's like a High School science project developed into a luxury product):
1) A fan blows room air straight down into a reservoir of water.
2) In this reservoir of water, a few dozen disks are slowly rotating to multiply the surface area that is wet.
3) Because you are blowing air onto a enlarged wet surface you are multiplying the rate of evaporation.
4) Humidified air is exhausted out of the Air Washer through vents in the side.
On the "high" setting the water reservoir needs to be refilled daily in my apartment (this is highly dependent on your local weather or heating cycle). I end up carrying a couple gallons of water to the device or carrying the device to the bathtub and then back to its spot in my livingroom.
The design of the Air Washer is "neutral." It sits unobtrusive and un~noticed in a corner. It is nearly silent. It is built like a tank: It would be a challenge to damage this product on purpose.
Why not Five Stars?
The Venta Air Washer consumes expendables. You need a water treatment solution to prevent mineral deposits forming on the rotating disks mentioned above (weekly). AND you need a periodic cleaning solution to remove deposits that develop pn the bottoms and walls of the reservoir. I have tried operating the Air Washer without these things. They are required for optimal performance.
Like the device itself, the Venta treatment and cleaning solutions work perfectly and simply. But, THE EXPENDIBLES ARE EXPENSIVE! Assume youy will spend US$50.00 per year.
Also, you would think that for a company selling a FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR humidifier, the Venta aroma therapy scents would smell a bit less like a Central American bordello (not that I've ever seen one of those). Skip these even if they're free samples.
If you want the very best at any price, buy this product.
I am not affiliated with either the manufacturer or Amazon.

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Air that feels good must be properly humidified. Heated air dries out the mucous membranes (weakening your resistance to viral infections). Overheated dry air makes you feel tired and listless. Your skin dries out, your plants suffer and your wooden furniture starts to show cracks. The Venta-Airwasher is ideal to reduce chapped lips, stuffed up noses, sore throats, and dried out eyes. Protect your valuable wood furniture and floors as well as musical instruments from drying out. Dry indoor air is difficult to clean; every movement causes millions of particles to be stirred up and become airborne.However, humidification keeps a large number of airborne particles down on the floor; making the two-in-one humidifier/purifier? more effective than air purifiers alone.The Venta Airwasher humidifies the air while simultaneously drawing in and removing dust, pollen and other contaminating particles down to 10 microns ( 10/1000 mm ) in size from the air. Easy maintenance. No filters to change or clean or cumbersome containers to fill. The simple design and convenient access to the tank allow for easy cleaning. 3 gal. tank capacity. Measures 16.5" x 11.8" x 13". 3 speeds. Humidifies/purifies up to 720 sq. ft. 10 Year Limited Warranty. Made in Germany

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