LG : WM2688HWMA 27 Front-Load Steam Washer - White Review

LG : WM2688HWMA 27 Front-Load Steam Washer - White
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What a mistake to buy one of these. We have owned a Model 2688 for three years now. The bearings in the drum are going out, becoming more and more noisy as it spins. When calling repair men I noticed noone worked on LG's. After dealing with customer service I figured out why noone worked on them. The warranty may seem pretty good: 1yr whole machine, 2 yr electronics, 7 yr drum motor, and lifetime on the Stainless steel drum. There are alot of parts not covered, like bearings and tub housings and spiders and....almost $700 worth of parts(according to repair man). When I brought it to Customer Services attention that the machine was barely 3 yrs old, he didn't seem to care. When I asked the repair man to call them, per Customer Service's request, he changed his mind about fixing it. After looking on the internet, I can get the parts for about a third(or less if it doesn't need everything listed) of what I was quoted. I'm not going to deal with LG, I'll fix it myself and LG can stick their warranty. I'll never buy anything with LG wrote on it again.

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Get your laundry extra clean with the power of steam. LGs Front Load Washers use steam in the wash cycle for better washing performance and higher water and energy efficiency. A separate SteamFresh cycle lets you get rid of wrinkles and refresh your clothes anytime.

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