Mi Casa Verde Z-Wave SmartSwitch Review

Mi Casa Verde Z-Wave SmartSwitch
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This is an excellent device, and contrary to the other review it is indeed UL Listed. It is solidly built, responsive, and has a good set of features.
The feature that sets this device apart is its metering capabilities - it is similar to having a kill-a-watt or watts up device that is z-wave enabled and remotely switchable. I use mine to shut off my TV and other devices (XBox 360 and blu-ray player) when nobody is in the room.

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The SmartSwitch is the first low-cost Z-Wave appliance switch that can report immediate wattage energy usage or kWh energy usage over a period of time. The SmartSwitch measures the energy used by any device you plug it into (washing machine, DVD player, lamp, etc.). Use the SmartSwitch with Vera so you can see on your mobile phone or web browser how much energy the device is using now, how much it used in the past month and what that energy is costing you! The Vera/SmartSwitch combo gives you the ability to turn any appliance off (or on) while away from home from any web browser, including your iPhone, iPad or any Smartphone. You can also turn off (or on) the device while in your home by using any Z-Wave remote or your computer.

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