Bissell Flip-t Bare Floor Cleaner, 5200 Review

Bissell Flip-t Bare Floor Cleaner, 5200
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I have 3 large dogs that drool any water left in their mouths after a drink, and a large textured ceramic floor that collects dirt in the grooves of the texture. I bought a Hoover Floor-mate in hopes of eliminating the mop and bucket, and because I felt that after a while I was pushing around dirty water. The Floor-mate did pick up a lot of dirt, but it is too large to get under cabinets and the brushes are too soft and too high to get into the crevices of the texture in the ceramic.
I decided to try the Flip-It because it is supposed to vacuum and wash the floor. First of all, you really have to vacuum first and clean the receptacle before washing. Otherwise, you will end up with a yucky mess to clean from the receptable and filter. I didn't find that the vacuum blew the hair as one other buy had reported, but I agree that it doesn't vacuum very well. It picked up some hair and small crumbs, but didn't get all of it. This was obvious when I washed the floor. More hair was picked up in the washing process.
With the rubber brush and a little pressure, this cleaner did get much more of the dirt out of the floor texture. I still had to scrub some with the brush on the unit, but I would have to do the same with a sponge mop. At least with this cleaner, the dirty water is vacuumed up and clean solution is dispensed for the next section. Even with my uneven floor, the unit did pick up the water, and the floor dried quickly.
The first floor bathroom, hall, kitchen, and foyer are pretty large, kitchen alone is about 12' x 18'. I had to refill the cleaner 3 times. I filled the unit with hot water from the tap. So maybe that helped. I don't think this is too bad because I had to refill the Floor-mate as many times and it didn't get the floor as clean.
I wouldn't use this unit as a vacuum again, but as a hard floor cleaner, I think it works well on floors that need more scrubbing than a soft brush.

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Combining power with versatility, this bare-floor cleaner features three modes of cleaning--dry vacuum, wet vacuum, and drying. A fingertip trigger control dispenses the cleaning solution, while its floating soft-scrub brush and interchangeable pad, which are machine washable, allow for cleaning various types of floor surfaces. Lightweight at just 8 pounds, this self-standing upright unit is designed with a low-profile head, which makes it easier to access hard-to-reach areas like under beds, couches, and other furniture. Other convenient features include simple drop-in tanks, one-screw quick assembly, and a 22-foot power cord for easy maneuverability. Two trial-size Bissell chemical solutions are included. This safe and powerful floor cleaner measures 7-1/2 by 11-1/4 by 44 inches and carries a one-year limited parts-and-labor warranty.
Wet or Dry Begin by using the dry side to vacuum crumbs, pet hair, and other dirt and debris. When the unit is flipped around, and the handle tilted back, the Gentle Clean brush is automatically lowered for wet cleaning. When the formula trigger is squeezed, water and formula are dispensed on the floor. A Gentle Clean brush or pad cleans the floor, while the squeegee and suction leave the floor dry and ready to walk on.
Unlike other hard floor cleaners, the Flip-It can be customized for different flooring types with its interchangeable Gentle Clean brushes and cleaning pads. The Gentle Clean brush is designed for use on surfaces such as tile, slate or hard floors with grout or crevices where dirt and grime collect. While the Gentle Clean pad is perfect for use on more delicate surfaces such as sealed hardwood, laminates or vinyl. The Flip-It can safely be used on virtually all hard floor surfaces in your home such as vinyl, ceramic, laminates, slate and sealed hardwood. It is not intended for use on carpeting.
Easy to Use The Flip-It hard floor cleaner involves no complicated levers or buttons to change between dry and wet cleaning. A simple one step assembly is all that is required. Place the handle on the unit and insert one screw to secure it in place. After filling the clean tank with water and solution you are ready to clean. Plus, the lightweight cleaner's low-profile head easily accesses hard-to-reach spaces and corners under beds, couches, and other furniture.
The Bissell Story Bissell's history dates back to the mid-1800s in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Anna and Melville Bissell owned a small crockery shop. While cleaning up one day, Anna grew frustrated with the sawdust in the carpet. After she presented the problem to Melville, he designed and constructed the company's first carpet sweeper, which subsequently was patented in 1876. Following Melville Bissell's death in 1889, Anna Bissell became America's first female corporate CEO. The Bissell company has evolved into a leader in carpet cleaning, introducing one of the first carpet shampooers in 1956, as well as the Big Green Clean Machine in 1992 and the Spot Lifter in 1998. Throughout the company's history, it has continually focused on redefining the concept of clean with a large family of innovative cleaning products.

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