Electrolux : EIFLW55HMB 27 Washer Mediterranean Blue Review

Electrolux : EIFLW55HMB 27 Washer Mediterranean Blue
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This washer basin is huge - 4.7 holds everything and we have a family of 5. We almost bought the Kenmore Elite HE5T with steam but found out the regular units are 4.4 but the sale unit only available in "barolo red" was only 4.0 - big enough for most but size was our major factor in a new washer. So we gave up the steam and went with Electrolux. Electrolux does not make a steam washer, the steam dryer is in the wave touch model ($300 more apiece than the IQ touch). The main reason to me for steam is stain removal; not so much wrinkle removal, so IQ touch was fine. Apparently Electrolux and Bosch don't think steam in a washer is necessary; neither offer it. This washer/dryer is fantastic. I was concerned about the doors (as many are) but they are incredibly sturdy and you should have no trouble with them, I got used to the 'push' feature immediately. The tops of the units do scratch - we lined them with the rubber foam liners so we can use the surface area (you can get the wide at Lowe's in the tool section). Both are very quiet - washer spins so fast you won't believe it. I was also concerned about the extended wash time with front loaders but with the size of the bin I can almost double my loads. Also, Electrolux offers an 18 minute fast wash cycle. Dryer time is incredibly fast because clothes are almost dry when they come out of the washer - 20 minutes for drying in most cases.

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