Pinzon Pyrenees PrimaLoft Comforter Review

Pinzon Pyrenees PrimaLoft Comforter
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I've been looking for a great down alternative comforter for several months now. I've searched in Department Stores, Bed and Bath store, and finally, online at Amazon. The comforters that I really liked in the brick and mortar stores were of exceptional quality, but also high priced. I could not find any comforters that I could see taking home for under $200.
When I saw this comforter on Amazon, I was a bit skeptical, and thought "hey, if I don't like it, I'll send it back" - Well, this baby is staying on my bed! It really is wonderful! Great quality! Pure comfort! And for under $100 for the medium fill (which I purchased), you can't beat the price for the quality.
Oh - One major part of my decision to order was the box stitching and how this feature keeps the fill from sliding to the edges of the comforter. If you are seriously searching for a comforter like this, buy it now! You will be thrilled with the deal!

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Enjoy a great night's sleep with a Pinzon luxury comforter just right for your needs. For sensitive, allergy-prone sleepers who want to enjoy the benefits of down, the Pyrenees PrimaLoft comforter offers exactly that. The comforter is made with a patented, hypo-allergenic filling that is the closest thing to down available in a synthetic fiber. It's called PrimaLoft, The Luxury Down Alternative, and it has many of down's amazing properties, like lightness, warmth, and loft. But PrimaLoft provides fabulous qualities that down doesn't, such as water-repellence, which allows it to dry faster and use less energy. In addition, PrimaLoft is permanently anti-microbial. Topical chemical treatments can wash away with laundering, but PrimaLoft is blended with inherently engineered anti-microbial fibers that do not wash out.

King/Oversized King Comforter Buying Guide This king comforter is filled with 60 total ounces of PrimaLoft to offer medium warmth for year-round comfort. Though overall it feels lightweight and supple, the comforter provides immediacy of warmth and quickly passes body heat and moisture vapor to the surface for sleep that is comfortable, not hot or heavy. As a gauge for filling quality, the Pyrenees PrimaLoft comforter has a fill power comparable to what would be 550 in a down comforter. Fill power indicates how many cubic inches of space an ounce of down will occupy, and the higher the fill power, the better the quality. Everything at 500 level and above is high quality.

The Pyrenees PrimaLoft comforter is made with a sewn-through box design from end to end. In this construction, the bottom of the shell is laid out, the filling is placed over it, the top of the shell covers the filling, and the layers are stitched together all the way through. The filling is locked into place, sewn to the top and bottom of the shell, and so the comforter provides a nice, even warmth since the filling stays evenly distributed.

The Pyrenees PrimaLoft comforter will look great in your bedroom as well as perform greatly. PrimaLoft uses Ribbon Fiber Technology that is unique in bedding. It helps bedding maintain a "lofty" look and, when compressed, to quickly regain its loft. PrimaLoft also conforms to the shape of the bed in a natural, non-artificial-looking manner. The comforter's shell features an attractive stripe pattern and is made from pure cotton in a 400-thread-count dobby weave.

Safe to clean at home in the washer and dryer, Pinzon's Pyrenees PrimaLoft comforter should not be dry cleaned. The king-sized, medium-weight PrimaLoft comforter measures 108 by 96 inches, and it's also available in full/queen and twin sizes. In addition to medium-weight construction, every size of the PrimaLoft comforter is available in a light-weight, and a heavy-weight, each with less or more total ounces of filling. Pick the one just right for your needs.

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