Frigidaire Washer Door Lock Striker 131763310 Review

Frigidaire Washer Door Lock Striker 131763310
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I ordered this product because the seller gave this as the OEM replacement part for my model -- I wondered why the picture looked different then one that broke but this is the part they listed as the one I needed --- It did not work and I wrote the seller asking what I should do and showed them a picture and part number of the one they should have sent. I have not heard back from them, and I feel ripped off. I found the one that they should have referenced for my model and am waiting for a response to correct this:::::
What can you do? The part was not OEM and did not fit : it is not even the same shape as the OEM?
in searching the net the actual number for my machine that you listed should have been Frigidaire Washer Door Catch 131279001
you listed the replacement for my model as 131763310
Please advise what you can do because the door will not open easily because it does not fit-- it is a useless piece of plasticThank you Phyllis Vernon
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Frigidaire Washer Door Strike 131763310 NEW WH10X10004Same as GE-WH10X10004Replaces the following part numbers:131763300WH10X10004

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