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Wonder Washer
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I bought this to alleviate the amount of laundry I need to lug out into the street. It is good for maintaining in-between laundry and not to be used as a subsitute for a big machine. I use it to wash my daily wear like tank tops, shorts, personal items and delicates. It can wash up to about three to four women's sized tank tops maximum. Its good for baby clothes.
How it works:
-Pour water into bucket, put in clothes and detergent, not to exceed the capacity line inside the bucket. (7L for small loads, 10L for bigger loads)
-Lock on top lid
-Place bucket on the motorized base (similar structure to a blender)
-Plug in cord and select cycle (standard or delicates) and amount of time from selection: 3,6,9,12, or 15 minutes
-Let machine wash. There's a really flat agitator on the inside bottom of bucket that turns clockwise for a few seconds, pauses, and then turns counterclockwise and keeps going in this cycle until the timer is up.
Here's the bad part, there's no rinse cycle since there is no plumbing so you have to pour the water out. I don't reccommend pouring it through the holes on the lid (see picture) because the lid does not lock on tightly and the plastic although thick, is still cheaply made. So just remove the cap, take the clothes out, put in a basin and rinse the detergent off in a sink. Unplug, then remove bucket and pour water out. While the rinsing is annoying, I would pick this anyday over lugging my laundry in the street. And it's just rinsing that you have to do, which is easy compared to handwashing.
-Can wash small daily items/delicates
-Cuts down trips to the laundromat
-Saves money
-Do laundry in privacy of your own home
-No plumbing required
-Made of cheap looking plastic so be careful not to bang it up
-Top lid does not lock on tight
-No rinse cycle, you need to rinse yourself
-Design is not that sleek/attractive
-Wait for clothes to presoak in the detergent before turning on the timer
-Wash light and dark colors seperately
-Do not wash wools as it will shed little pieces that can clog the agitator
-Reuse the soapy water for a second load
-Buy a fold out dryer (I reccomend Polder's chrome dryer)
It sounds like a hassle to use this but I've done my research thoroughly on small washers and this was a good choice for me living in a small walk up apartment. I really didn't want to buy one that required plumbing since they are problematic to hook up, take apart and store, plus I'm sure my landlord would not allow that. When I do three loads here, it is equal to one load at the laundromat. I air dry it, so I end up saving money. I figure it will pay for itself in a few months.

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