Sanyo ABC-VW24 Air Washer Air Purification System with Electrolyzed Water Technology Review

Sanyo ABC-VW24 Air Washer Air Purification System with Electrolyzed Water Technology
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The thing I like best about the Sanyo Air Washer Purification System (besides that it does a great job of purifying the air) is that it has a nice sleek look to it and doesn't detract from the room decor. It has a handle built into the top, making it easy to carry (15.9 lbs.) and it's pretty quiet as air purifiers go. It has a 4-stage HEPA filter removes 99.97% of airborne particles and allergens. The other thing I really like is that the filters can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and are supposed to last for about 4 years. (You'd want to use a HEPA vacuum cleaner or you'd defeat the purpose.) I called customer service to ask about the price of replacement filters and they told me the suggested retail price is $69. That's pretty much in line with other filters I've researched. The customer service people were very helpful in answering questions about the unit which I count as a big plus.
I don't know if the electrolyzed water technology is just a gimmick or not, but the unit does a good job of cleaning the air and removing odors from any room that I place it in. There are several articles on the internet about electrolyzed water technology and electrolyzed water being used to sanitize water and possibly use it to kill bacteria in a number of applications including using it as a non-toxic way to clean fruits and vegetables in the food industry. It would make sense that it could be useful to kill bacteria and viruses in the air. With pets and all their dander, not to mention all the pollen and dust in the air this time of year, it gets a real workout around here. I hope that we find that we have fewer colds in the winter.
Just a few details that I didn't include in the video: I measured the watts that the unit takes at the low, medium and high speeds with a P3 International P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor device. At low speed it uses 4 - 8 watts (the higher number when it's emitting the electrolyzed water. You'll see that in the video.), on medium 13 - 17 watts, on high 57 - 63 watts, and if you use the "power" setting, 63 - 65 watts. This compares favorably with other air cleaners that I've used in the past or use now and it seems to work more quickly at removing odors.
BTW, another reviewer had mentioned that the "Device contains a chemical known to the state of Caifornia to cause cancer, birth defects, etc." Living in California I'm used to seeing these warnings on just about every piece of electrical equipment I buy due to the "Prop 65" laws here. Nonetheless, when I called Sanyo, I asked about this warning and what part of the unit had the chemical. As I expected it is the lead in the electrical cord connection, the same as my computer. When handling electrical cords it's always a good idea to wash your hands afterward.
I hope the video is useful. It's difficult to tell from a small photo what the unit looks like and I wanted you to have a better idea of how it worked and what it sounds like.

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Sanyo's new Air Washer air purification system suppresses airborne bacteria and germs utilizing an exclusive electrolyzed water technology, removes dust and allergens, reduces pollen and neutralizes odors. Sanyo's electrolyzed water technology has been tested and proven effective in suppressing airborne germs, bacteria, odors, allergens and mold through third party certification institutions including RTI. In addition, electrolyzed water has proven effective in significantly reducing the level of viable airborne germs and bacteria, according to an independent research institution in the United States. Simply add tap water to the water container and the chlorine ions in the tap water are molecularly split through an electrolysis process in the unit into electrolyzed water. The electrolyzed water attacks the protein spikes in bacteria and inactivates the spikes so they are unable to attach to human cells. The units' 3 directional (upward, leftward, rightward stream) airflow emits the purified air and extremely fine electrolyzed water mist to quickly clean the air throughout the room. A High Performance 4-stage HEPA filter removes 99.97% of airborne particles and allergens, reduces airborne pollens with allergy blocking filter and fights common odors including pet dander and tobacco smoke. The sleek design is simple to operate, has an automatic timer function and filter replacement indicator.

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