Cuisine Clean - Fruit and Vegetable Washer - oZone Review

Cuisine Clean - Fruit and Vegetable Washer - oZone
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Wow, what a disappointment! The product comes fully assembled except for a small mesh bag with charcoal dust in it that needs to be insalled in the lid. Not only did I get the charcoal all over my hands but the thing keeps falling out of the lid as I run the unit! But this isn't the worst part. Over the holidays I had a friend over that is a chemist and I was showing her the unit. To her, the odor that was coming out of the unit just wasn't quite right. She asked if it was okay for her to take into work today and she just called to tell me that the unit was emitting 1,200 times the amount of ozone that is allowed by UL and OSHA!! I may not get the wording right here but I guess the allowable limit is around 50ppb (parts per billion) and according to her equipment this unit pumped out about 62ppm (parts per million) on a consistent basis. Do the math and that is over 1,200 times the allowable limit set by UL and OSHA!! How does a unit like this get carried by reputable retailers? According to my friend, the bag of charcoal on top is there for a reason, that is to break down any excess ozone as it escapes the lid. When you visit the company website they ask you to change this every 10 a cost of $4.95/baggie. Now there's an extra cost I never knew about when I bought the unit! Unfortunately, this bag of charcoal doesn't seem to be do anything...or at least not enough to get these emissions down to the right level. Mind you, once the process is done and you lift the lid, the stench of this ozone gas is so overpowering I have to always back away this safe for me? What if I had children? Will it effect my pets? What really has me upset now is that I went back to the website to check out the safety procedure to follow and when you go into the MSDS section they have a lab report prepared for DEL and Air Liquide. How do these test results relate to my CuisineClean? I guess I should have looked closer before purchasing but I got mesmerized by the claims and missed some of these smaller details. Oh yeah, and one more thing, fill it with apples as per their instructions and it is unbelievable what you get out...they may be clean but they are cut and bruised all over. I can't see how this would make them last any longer?!

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Features & SpecificationsCuisine-Clean Fruit and Vegetable oZone Food Sanitizer Are you afraid of the bacteria that might be harbored on your fruits and vegetables?Food-borne disease costs the US over $37 billion dollars a year and over 33 million cases of microbial food-born diseases each year.The good news?It is fixable!With the Cuisine-Clean machine deep cleaning and removing harmful pesticides (including killing E-coli, salmonella, listeria giardia and cryptosporidium) becomes hassle free and worry free.You can actually reduce your grocery bill by up to 25% by increasing the shelf life of your produce!Using a technology which is widely used in major cities sewage cleaning practices to bring you clean and safe drinking water, the Cuisine Clean automatically has a 99.9% kill rate of these harmful bacteria's.The technology is called Activated Oxygen, commonly called ozone, or 03 and naturally oxidizes bacteria and fungi on food surfaces.If you have ever noticed the clean, fresh smell after a thunder storm then you have already been exposed to this natural technology!The Cuisine-Clean takes place inside the unit and is 3,000 times faster than purification by chlorine and does not harm the environment.What does Cuisine-Clean Kill?E-ColiSalmonellaListeria GiardiaCryptosporidiumCleans dirt and grime off all fruits and veggiesRemoves pesticidesFeatures:Uses Ozone (activated oxygen) to purify all kinds of fruits veggiesOzone is approved by EPA and is completely safe and non-toxicMulti-purpose - use it to clean jewelry, eyeglasses, and moreLow energy useComes with basketComplete bacteria purification cycle in only five minutes!PortableAffordable!Specifications: ModelCuisine-Clean by Vesture ProductsWeight16 PoundsDimensionsLength:17"Round:34 1/2"Height:12"Wattage / Voltage100w / 110vWarranty1 Year

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