Whirlpool XHP1550VW 15.5" Storage Pedestals (White) Review

Whirlpool XHP1550VW 15.5 Storage Pedestals (White)
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I opted not to buy these when I got my washer and dryer. A local home store ran a sale at an incredible price ($99) and when combined with a 10% off coupon, I bought two of them for the price of one. They are very nice, but installation is not for you if you're not handy and have at least 2 strong bodies.
You might think these are easy to self install, but I found them more difficult than I thought. I think the biggest issue is the weight of the machines. The dryer I was able to install without tipping on its back. It took two people to center the dryer and one person to screw it down. The best way to install is to use a 1/4" nut driver and remove the drawer. It's a small screw right near the front, inside the track.
For the washer, you HAVE to lay it on it's back. Again, getting all 4 holes lined up was more difficult that I thought it would be.
Please, please, please read the instructions on leveling. First, level it all directions, front to back, left to right and do a diagonal check to be safe. YOU MUST LEVEL these or my guess is you will have SERIOUS vibration issues. Second, you must tighten the small flat hex washer once level, this locks it in and prevents it from vibrational issues.

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Whirlpool XHP1550VW 15.5" Storage Pedestals (White)

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