Frigidaire Gallery : GLTF2940FE Washer Review

Frigidaire Gallery : GLTF2940FE Washer
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After owning this product for six months, it started making very loud noises. We only use the machine two to three times a week.
The noises that we hear vary from loud knocking noise, ending with someone falling flat on their face, or sometimes it high pitched noise, or a weird squeak. Sometimes buzzes like a huge AC Condenser. Obviously there is something wrong with it..
I actually tried to lift the machine to look underneath to make sure nothing was sticking out and scratching the floor.. It still washes fine, we don't get our clothes that dirty to be able to tell if it gets the stains out, but they seem clean enough. I have not noticed any gasket problems so far, thank god, and no leaks. It is also not moving/walking around since it has the dryer on top of it. It is not the quietest machine we have owned, but it is not that loud (when it doesn't make the noise) either. It spins very fast and dries the clothes enough that you can just hang them to dry.
We have requested a service call for the terrible noise, and I will come back and reply with the result.
I have a video of the loud noise somewhere, and will be posting a link to it here later on.
PS: One day it just turned on by itself in the middle of the night. It did not star running, but it just Beeped and the lights came on. Scared us really bad...

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