Maytag MVWX600XW MVWX600XW Top Load Washer Review

Maytag MVWX600XW MVWX600XW Top Load Washer
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This might be a great washer for someone who does not own pets, but if you have pets as I do (two cats), run from this thing like the plague! It has no clue how to remove pet hair from clothing. Had I been allowed, I'd have given it zero stars.
My old washer had a strainer on top of the agitator that caught hair and lint as it was carried by the recycling water during the wash and rinse cycles. This thing has no way to remove pet hair and lint except to strain it through the clothing as it drains water at the end of each cycle. The result is that whatever pet fur and lint had been removed just settles back onto the clothing; the best it can do is redistribute the pet fur and lint. It's discouraging to have to "lint roll" freshly washed clothes so that they are presentable for wearing. It's even more discouraging to know that the 25-plus year old "antique" that I threw away was far, far more effective in removing hair from clothing than this modern marvel.
I even e-mailed Maytag with my complaints. They had no answers, just suggestions that I use the bulky setting to bring more water into the tub (and thus offset the water savings I was told I would get) and use more detergent--both of which I'd tried in vain before contacting the company.

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This 4.3 cu. ft. I.E.C. equivalent(1) high-efficiency, EcoConserve washer features the PowerWash cycle to tackle your dirtiest loads and a low water wash system that uses over 70% less water and energy than pre-2004 traditional top load washers. The IntelliClean impeller delivers better cleaning performance and creates more capacity for larger loads. 1. Equivalent volume per I.E.C. Intl standard, 4th Ed., based on 3.68 cu. ft. DOE measurement.

Maytag Commercial Technology
Power Wash Cycle
10-year limited warranty on the washer motor and wash basket
4.3 cu. ft. I.E.C Equivalent Capacity
CEE Tier III Qualified
Low Water Wash with EcoConserve
Advanced Vibration Control
Faster Cleaning
IntelliClean Impeller
Stainless Steel Wash Basket
10 Wash cycles
5 Temperature Settings
800 RPM Spin Speed
MaxExtract Extended Spin
Deep Clean Option
IntelliFill Automatic Water

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