Go Mama Go Designs Wonder Bumpers, 38 Pack Review

Go Mama Go Designs Wonder Bumpers, 38 Pack
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Easy to use and attach
Foam filling cushions impact when heads bump against the rails
Soft velvety/microfiber-like material
Reversible colors
Stays in place
Machine washable
Exposed white zipper teeth, slider, and steps.
Tedious to wash.
All wonder bumpers are the same length of about two feet.As the only cushioned alternative to traditional bumpers, these command a hefty price. Fortunately, they perform the job needed. They're easy to attach to the 1.5" rails that I have, possibly even 2" wide rails by stretching just a bit, but not to larger corners. Each bumper arrives flat. One side pink; one side brown. It can be zipped around a rail on either side. This will be useful for either gender babies. For example, I can use the pink sides for a girl or the brown sides for a boy (or I could squeeze out another hundred bucks for a set of blue bumpers, which I'd rather not do.)
The crib I have has rails that are longer than two feet. For those rails, the top part of the rails will be exposed, because of course we want the bumpers placed where the baby will actually bump its head. Since I have exactly 38 rails, I would need to purchase additional bumpers in order to stack two on top of each other if I was concerned about appearance. I'm not.
The entire zipper is white, and is exposed. If I place the zipper so that it faces out, then the set doesn't look so great, but I can't have it face in, because I don't want zipper teeth marks on the baby's forehead. So the solution is to put the zipper to the side, and hope that the kid doesn't spin the bumper around.
It's great that the bumpers are machine washable. It's not so great that in order to wash them, I have to open the velcro flap on one end and remove the flimsy foam insert because that piece is not washable. Actually, removing it is not so bad, but putting them back is a bit of a chore. I don't expect to be washing all 38 of them very often, though, and I think I'd prefer removing them over having warped foam fillings.
Some other minor quality issues: There were a few loose threads on the bumpers, such that when I first opened the package, I wondered whether someone just slapped two pieces of cloth together with a piece of foam inside. (Which, I know, is essentially what it is,) but for the price, you almost hope that it would be a little better sewn, without fabric twisting to one side, or having an exposed zipper, or having loose visible threads. Again, it's a minor nitpicking issue right now, because as soon as I snipped the threads and placed the bumpers on the crib, all I could think of was, 'Gee, I wish I had purchased this set first and not wasted my money on the traditional bumpers I got.'

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718122808670Items sold separatelyFeatures: -Wonder bumpers. -Baby Basics Collection. -Includes 38 bumpers. -Color: Pink and Chocolate. -Material: 100pct Cotton and Cotton Polyester Blend. -Poly - foam insert. -Lead - free zipper. -Solid look with reversible bumpers. -Increases air flow, reducing the risk of SIDS. -Protect your baby's body as they learn to sit, crawl and stand. -Sleek design inhibits babies from climbing out. -Fit on both round and flat rails. -One individual bumper is 6'' in width and will fit on rails 3''. -Wonder Bumpers are also designed so you can zip 2 together for larger rails over 2.5''. -Each bumper is 24'' long, but can easily compress to accommodate shorter rails. -Safety and style for any room. -Award winning design: 2008 NAPPA Gold Winner, 2008 Creative Child Magazine Top Choice Award. -Hand wash or gentle machine wash. -60 Days manufacturer's warranty. -No assembly required.

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