Easy Dry- Portable Clothes Dryer Review

Easy Dry- Portable Clothes Dryer
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Along with my Wonder Washer and Wonderwash Laundry Mini Countertop Clothes Spin Dryer Portable Clothes Dryer I have a complete portable laundry center. All three items are small and compact for easy storage.
This setup reduces the trips to the laundromat and has paid for itself in no time. Really great to have when boondocking (I have solar and a genset) and are miles from a laundry. I still wash my sheets,and blankets at the laundry. Almost everything else is doable with this setup even my jeans, one bath towel per ld, washcloths,etc,.
For water conservation when boondocking I just wash a light colored load first. After it finishes I place the wet clothes in the spin dryer with the drain hose positioned into Wonder Washer tub so that the wash water can drain back into the washer. I then wash the 2nd load and run them through the spin dryer. I then fill the Wonder Washer with fresh water and follow the same sequence to rinse both loads. The mini spin dryer is very effective in removing excess water from the laundry and does not stretch items out of shape as hand wringing often does.
After wringing in the spin dryer I place the items on hangers and into the portable clothes dryer that I have set up under my Fantastic Fan vent in the living area so that the humid air can be directed outside. Most things dry in about 15-20 minutes. If the weather is nice I do not put the cover on or use the heat, I instead just airdry. I also have a Whitmor 6023-741 Folding Drying Rack, White that works well for air drying outdoors as well as indoors.
This heating unit can be used as a electric room heater by setting up the base but do not put the center pole with the drying arms or the cover on. It gently blows out hot air which warms the room. Talk about multi-functional.
The three legs slide easily into slots on the heating unit base. The center pole is in segments and easily goes together with the umbrella style upper pole to hang the clothes on. The dryer cover is heavy nylon with a heavy duty full length zipper. This makes for an easy setup as well as compact storage.
This setup would work well for dorm rooms, small apts, as well as RVS.

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The ultimate product for an Economic, Small, Fast & Clean solution for drying up to 20 pound of laundry!The Easy Dry Portable Dryer will gently dry just about anything, from damp machine-washed clothing to wet ski boots. It will enable you to dry just-washed blankets, lingerie, shoes and clothes. Simply mount it on a door frame and let the dryer do its work. Space-saving design is easy to put together and take apart. Dries clothes gently with warm airflow. Save ironing time due to reduced wrinkles. Ideal for use in hotel rooms, studio apartments, college dorms, or vacation homes. This revolutionary dryer was designed by Home Pride engineers. Purchase one today and you'll be able to dry clothes wherever there's an electrical outlet.

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