CatGenie 120 Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box Review

CatGenie 120 Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box
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First, I must admit I am hooked on this product, despite all of the many problems I USED to have with the 1st generation (see my 3 star review for the 1st generation, Cat Genie [60]) - try it, being forewarned that it might require a bit of effort up front, depending on your hook up connection, and the cats' affinity for using the unit.
However - at least so far - the integrated Genie 120 has few, if any, real problems left.
It is a true, self-cleaning box, unlike every other box on the market. ... for me, the ability to go on short vacations without worrying about or asking someone, to change litter, is a godsend.
They spend a lot of documentation on cat acclimation. For me, it was no problem.
One by one, they fixed some of the core problems of the older design, some I received over time on the old unit, and all (plus a few more) come on the Genie 120:
-improved Hopper (if your cat eats things like plastic, the old unit would clog: the new unit won't)
-improved Claw (the old one had a ridiculously small pin holding the whole thing together: no surprise, under heat and water, it snaps in two after about a year_
-cartridges that might actually be environmentally friendly now (the old ones had chips, contacts... and lasted for a shorter time). The new ones are - well almost ...- just a bag and shell.
-scraper to help keep bone sediment from collecting and "growing" inside the basin
-allegedly, improved Genie Eyes.
-allegedly, improved litter bowl (i.e. over time, the older unit quickly lost a good "seal" between the bowl and rim, allowing tons of granules to fall into the bowl, and gum up the whole works) ... the new one still pops a few through, but I think it's much better
-allegedly, no need to "service" (i.e. nasty complete disassembly and clean of the unit) several times a year: instead, you just drop in a clean cartridge or the same from a bag several times a year.
For those super sensitive to smell, there is no way around the fact that, once in a blue moon, this design will of course miss a few remains ... which means they reach the drying cycle, which generates a most unpleasant smell that most of the negative reviews on the old unit reference.
However, this is rare, esp. with the new "Cat" mode (in this mode, the unit will clean 10 min. after use ... and more frequently, but with less detergent) ... which translates into an almost always, far cleaner bowl.
Customer service is hit and miss: if you reach someone, they are usually well informed and very helpful (this comes from someone who knows the unit better than most tech. service personal at this point). Other days, it's nothing but a black hole into the answering machine.
Still not the holy grail of litter boxes, but I am hard pressed to think of any other automatic unit that comes as close.

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Never touch, smell, or buy cat litter again. The CatGenie 120 not only flushes waste away, but also washes itself clean. It has been tested, used, and recommended by veterinarians nationwide. Plus, it's environmentally friendly, using the biodegradable, recyclable SaniSolution cartridge for cleansing. Just hook up the CatGenie 120 to a cold water outlet, and plug in the electrical cord. Litter-like Washable Granules line the bottom of the box. When your kitty goes, the liquid drains away from the Granules, so only the waste gets flushed. The GenieHand then scoops out the solid waste, which is turned to liquid for safe, easy removal. Fresh water fills the basin, and the GenieHand scrubs and scours the box and Granules. The cat-safe SaniSolution decontaminates everything, while the waste and sudsy water are flushed or drained away. A hot-air blower completely dries the Granules and box. The Granules are permanent and never need to be changed. Train your cat to start the cleaning process, or set an automatic timer. Each SaniSolution cartridge holds at least 120 washes. 90 day money-back guarantee, 2 year warranty.

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