Microplane 34007 Kitchen Cut-Protection Glove Review

Microplane 34007 Kitchen Cut-Protection Glove
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I too bought this glove to use with my mandoline slicer, but now that I have it I use it with my microplane and other food graters as well. I thought it might be a bit cumbersome, but it's not at all. I think it's important to remember that this glove is cut RESISTANT, not cut proof.
The glove fits my hand very well, but I can see that it might be too small for others. I normally wear a woman's size small glove. This microplane glove is quite flexible though, and I'm certain it would easily fit a woman's size medium or even large. One man's review here indicates he struggled but managed to get it on his bigger hand. I agree there should be one or two other size options, and this is the only reason I didn't give this a 5-star rating.
It goes without saying that the glove will need cleaning after using it to hold food against a slicer or grater. It is machine washable, but not machine dryable. Here's what I do to clean the glove in between machines washings ==> with the glove still on my hand, I squeeze some liquid soap onto the fingertips of the glove and then wash it under warm running water with the help of a small kitchen cleaning brush. With the glove still on my hand, I give it a rinse, blot most of the water off with a hand towel, then let it air dry. I've had no problem with lingering odors using this or the machine method of washing.

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Stay safe and protected while using zesters, graters, and peelers. The Microplane Cut Resistant Glove is made out of cut-resistant fibers, yet is stretchable, lightweight, and breathable. It's comfortable to use, comes in one size, and fits right or left hands. Safe to wash in the home washing machine, the glove is a great idea for any kitchen enthusiast.

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