Samsung : WF419AAW 4.3 cu. ft. Front Load Washer - White Chrome Review

Samsung : WF419AAW 4.3 cu. ft. Front Load Washer - White Chrome
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I'd been a bit skeptical of these "green" machines we're so enthusiastically encouraged to buy. I wondered if any savings in water might be more than offset by electricity usage. But while I don't see a significant difference in the utility bills it seems pretty plain these appliances are more efficient than our old ones were (I didn't do any actual before/after comparisons). I certainly don't recommend anyone replace functioning appliances (that doesn't seem environmentally-friendly, does it?) but when the need arises I think it's worth the higher price.
This washer uses a *lot* less water and detergent compared to our prior washer, due to the horizontal design which tumbles the clothes through a smaller amount of soapy water instead of in a huge tub. They also run a *lot* longer, but presumably more efficiently. The electronic interface wasn't as daunting as it appeared at first glance, and it's actually quite easy to use. Since we have a family of four active kids we purchased the larger capacity appliances, but even when running smaller loads it seems worthwhile. They were also plenty tall without adding the platform/storage drawer beneath.
We've only noticed 2 negatives: First, dark fabrics that tend to bleed can discolor other fabrics much easier since it's using less water, making sorting an even greater priority. Second, the lengthly rolling motion tends to leave the clothes a bit drier than our prior spinning model did, but for some reason clothes left for even short periods before transferring to the dryer seem to mildew very easily - still trying to figure out why this is happening. (EDIT: It was suggested in the comments that liquid fabric softener may be contributing to the "mildew smell." We've stopped using it and it doesn't seem to be a problem anymore.) Also note that you must purchase a different type of detergent for these machines, which is poured into a pre-measuring tray (along with bleach and softeners) prior to starting. But overall, it works very well and we're pleased with this washing machine.

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This Front Load Steam Washer features Diamond Drum, Silvercare, 1200 RPM, E-Star. White Chrome Trim Surface, 4. 3 cu ft VRT. The Samsung washer measures 31 7/8 inchD x 27 inchW x 39 inchH.

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