Nomad Orange Portable Washer, h20 Review

Nomad Orange Portable Washer, h20
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In Southern California, our water is so hard we don't drink it -- we chew it. Drove me nuts to wash my car only to see it covered in stubborn water spots. So, I convinced my wife to let me get this for Father's day (a few weeks in advance). She's now off the hook for any gifts on the big day.
Now, I can fill my new Nomad with distilled water (.68/gallon @ walmart) for the pre and post rinse and can dry my car at a leisurely pace, even in direct sunlight.
The tank holds 3.5 gallons, more than enough to wash and rinse one car. I find the pressure (90 psi) to be "just right" for this task -- enough to blast off the soap and contaminants, but not enough to damage the paint.
Yesterday, I used the Nomad to wash my dog in the back yard. The pressure on fine mist was perfect for saturating her coat without hurting her. Also should be good for taking to the beach to rinse off sand and salt before the ride home.
The supplied power cable only plugs into a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket. That means that you will need to get an adapter if you want to plug it into an AC socket. Be sure to get a 6-amp 12-volt converter, as the cheaper 1-amp/1000ma converters do not provide enough power to run this unit.

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Clean anything, anywhere with the unbelievable Nomad H2O On-The-Go Power Washer. Just plug into your car's 12-Volt or RV outlet and generate water pressure from an intense stream to a gentle mist.This versatile machine is powerful enough to clean grills and cars, and yet gentle enough to clean your kids and pets.Experience washing portability and convenience at its finest.Nomad H2O On-The-Go Portable Power Washer Features: Nomad H2O On-The-Go Portable Power Washer Includes: *Built-in mesh pockets - easy to store cleaning accessories *30 feet of reach: 20 feet of kink -free hose and 10 feet of power cord - extensive clean reach *UL listed *Measures approx. 18"L x 11"W x 15"H *Comes with a manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty*Hose *Power cord *Power cord adapter *Trigger lock *Spray nozzle *Adjustable nozzle *Nozzle cleaning tool *User manual

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