Bosch : WFVC3300UC 27 Vision 300 Series Front Load Washer - White Review

Bosch : WFVC3300UC 27 Vision 300 Series Front Load Washer - White
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I purchased this at PC Richard's for $639 free delivery and have had it for two weeks now and am really happy with it. It uses MUCH less water than most other front load high efficiency washers (only 13 gallons), so you won't even see a water line, but don't worry, it's still washing (this was actually news to me since I was used to the old top loaders which submerge clothes in water). It just gently tumbles around and the water sloshes through the clothes as they tumble. And with 4.4 cubic ft capacity (as opposed to most of the other front loads which seem to max out at 4.0 cubic ft), you can load this baby up and there's still plenty of room for your clothes to tumble around.
Make sure you use detergent labeled "For HE" machines (high efficiency)or else you'll damage your machine with oversudsing. In fact, the folks at Bosch recommend to never use more than 1 Tblsp of the HE laundry detergent for their Bosch machines (even though the Tide HE detergent recommends using more). Sure enough 1 Tblsp seemed sufficient for all my clothes (whites, greys and darks). My G*d, I'm going to have enough detergent for 30 years!!!
While the newer Vision series (the 500 and 800) have a lot more settings and electronic panels (vs. knobs) than this washer, I prefer the 300. I like the manual dial that can be turned (less computerized parts requiring service) and the settings which are there are sufficient for my needs (regular hot, medium and cold, allergy protection using an extra hot rinse and xxtra sanitary (180 degree wash and rinse cycle)). I tried most of the settings (perm press, cotton, hot, warm, cold) on various different types of fabrics (underwear, perm press pants, jeans, cotton pants and shirts etc.) and everything came out great. I did my towels using the extra sanitary setting and sheets in allergy protection setting and all I can say about that is I'm not sneezing and my white towels finally came out white!
So nothing bad to say. The product seems to work well, it uses much less water than a standard front load and it's really quiet when it runs. After the spin cycle is completed, it gently tosses your clothes so they're not all smashed and stuck inside the wall of the drum.

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