Anti Icky Poo Odor Remover (1) Quart with Sprayer Review

Anti Icky Poo Odor Remover (1) Quart with Sprayer
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I really didn't want this to work so I could get brand new carpet under the manufacturers warranty. The first time I used it I didn't think it worked...I got it off ebay and the sprayer was a joke so I had to get a new bottle. I thought this left grease looking stains on the carpet and I called the Co. Mister Max and they said that's never happen in all the years they've been making this. So, I got a really good spray bottle and mixed it with a little water. Sprayed it on all the spots and in the morning I had my husband walk in the room (which he is normally bowled over with the cat pee smell and fusses about it) and I asked "well, does it smell?" and he said wow no it doesn't, laid on the floor and said " what did you do?!?!"
I spent so much on feliway diffusers and I think that's a waste of money for my cats and I will have to keep up with the comfort zone spray (that's the only thing that works) and the anti icky poo because it totally takes away the smell! Use a black light when you're doing the treatment.

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"GREEN AND ENVIORMENTLY FRIENDLY, AND SAFE TO THE ENVIROMENT AND SAFE TO HUMANS AND PETS." AND SAFE TO THE ENVIROMENT," Anti-Icky-Poo will remove cat urine, dog urine, skunk musk, vomit, feces and a whole host of other decaying organic materials. Remove cat smells, dog smells, childrens diaper palurine smells, skunk smells and more from your carpet today with Anti-Icky-Poo. This product is non toxic, is good for the inviroment, and won't hurt your pets or humans. "THIS PRODUCT IS THE REAL DEAL FOR YOUR ODOR PROBLEM." Use Anti Icky Poo first, if you tried other products first, then you need to use P-BATH to get the odor out.

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