Mesh Sneaker Wash Bag (White) (9"H x 14"W x 9"D) Review

Mesh Sneaker Wash Bag (White) (9H x 14W x 9D)
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After the second time using this bag on the gentle cycle, it completely came apart and the zipper no longer works.

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Keep those sneakers clean! Tennis shoes, gym shoes, running shoes, athletic shoes, kicks, dunks -- call them what you will, but no one likes the soiled, street-scuffed look of a dirty sneaker. Sneakers look their best fresh out of the box, or fresh out of the laundry -- and now it just got easier to maintain the freshness! This innovative Mesh Sneaker Wash Bag is a soft mesh bag that helps protect your shoes (and the washing machine) while you use suds to refresh your footwear investment. Structured ends allow for water/air circulation without the sneakers coming in contact with other items, and acts as a natural buffer between your shoes and the delicate washing tub. Durably constructed of white polyester mesh with non-rusting nylon zipper, the bag includes 2 loops that allow bag to hang on a rod for drying (see the "OTHER INFO" tab for a closer look at the process). The Mesh Sneaker Wash Bag will hold one pair of shoes up to men's size 14. Order today and keep dirt where it belongs -- UNDER your sneakers, not ON them. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required.

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