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JJ Cole Essentials Blanket
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I wouldn't even call it a blanket, it's more of an all purpose matt. It is so silky soft and durable. My 14 month old son tries hard to dirty it at times, but it's really easy to wipe off, and it's easy to tote around b/c it folds nice and is so compact. We use it everywhere(grass, sand, on concrete @ Disney), it's nice that it's waterproof and I think it's thicker than a traditional blanket. I also love the chocolate/pink stripes, the picture doesn't do it justice; it's really beautiful. This blanket is awsome!!!

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JJ Cole Outdoor BlanketThe JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket is great for the whole family at an occasion. This blanket is perfect for the park, the beach, the little league games and even sporting events as a stadium blanket.It opens up to a large 5 ft x 5 ft, and its sturdy sewn-in insert makes folding quick and easy.Its durable outer fabric is ideal for any surface, and the inner lining quickly wipes clean.It is a perfect outdoor, weather resistant travel blanket for anytime, anywhere.

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