Jet-Tech High Temp. Countertop Commercial Multi-Purpose Ware Washer Review

Jet-Tech High Temp. Countertop Commercial Multi-Purpose Ware Washer
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This product does a decent job of killing bacteria however does not wash dishes. A home washer with detergent does a better job and it's unfortunate as this product looked promising. All dishes must be thoroughly washed before running them through or they won't be cleaned.

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Jet-Tech has designed the first High-temp 110V compact multi-purpose ware washer for the commercial industry! Compact, fast, high temp and flexible, with a variety of racks included with the unit! This is the only model on the market that sets conveniently on a countertop! Features: Completely automatic wash and rinse cycles of 150F and 185F. Automatic injection of rinse-additive with built-in pump. "Select Appliance Special" - Unit includes built-in automatic detergent dispensing pump for consistent washing results. Performance per hour: approx 350 glasses or cups / 20 racks per hour. Upper vertical integrated control panel for ease of operation and technical maintenance. Chassis, wash tank and external housing constructed of 304 stainless steel. Double walled side and top panels for free standing installation. Low heat and noise emissions. Lower revolving wash and rinse arm with dual upper fixed arms constructed of fiberglass and easy to remove and clean. Integrated stainless steel booster. Safety micro-switch stop on the door to interrupt wash pump action. Thermostatic control of wash and rinse temperatures. Individual thermometer gauges for both wash and rinse water. Automatic fill and water level regulation of tank. Unit supplied with one 14" square rack and accessory inserts for dishes, glasses, blender containers or assorted ware. Easily field installed with flexible hose connections for both water inlet and drain. Independently operated heating elements alternating between booster and wash tank. Alternating heating elements reduce maximum absorption thereby lowering energy costs. Specs: Complete cycle time: 165 seconds wash and 15 seconds rinse. 115V/14 AMPS. Wash tank - 2.1 gallons, booster - 0.65 gallons, water consumption per cycle - 0.5 gallons. Manufacturer's Warranty: 90 day warranty on parts and labor.

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