Durgol Express Multipurpose Decalcifier Review

Durgol Express Multipurpose Decalcifier
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I'm reluctant to admit I had neglected the regular maintenance of my Carezza espresso machine for a year or two. While waiting for the Durgol Decalcifier to arrive in the mail, I flushed the machine with vinegar and cleaned the parts as described to get the cleaning process started. The machine still didn't work right. This Durgol product arrived today and I again flushed the machine according to directions, using this decaldifier. I'm amazed at the amount of sludge and disgusting grime that came out! This product is wonderful and has restored my espresso maker.

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Heated or standing water causes lime deposits to form.These deposits build up over time and compromise the life of your items.Durgol Express is the ideal multi-purpose decalcifier for countless household items: coffee machines, ceramic tiles, faucets, steam irons and more. Ready to use and simple to use; no need to dissolve in water before application (unlike powders and tablets).

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