Danby Twin Tub Laundry Review

Danby Twin Tub Laundry
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I love this machine and would recommend it to people who understand and appreciate the below points.
If you have lived in Asia or Europe, you have seen some version of this machine before, on peoples' porches and patios.
One powerful idea is you control how many times you want to rinse (I love double and triple rinsing my clothes - get the dirt AND the detergent out!). You control how many minutes to agitate. You can customize how you want to do your clothes. It's super for soaking and gentle-agitating your fine washables - use a mesh laundry bag! Soak as long as you like - it's not the laundromat!
The best idea is the super efficient centrifuge like spinner. Yes, it's the flap side on the right, yes, you have to load that side separately. However, the spinner is so fast, faster than the spin mechanism in ANY other type of washing machine, that your clothes are just moist, not sopping wet when they come out. This means your clothes will air dry pretty fast! I would guess that not even the best conventional washing machines spin clothes as well as this spinner.
That's why the spinner in this machine is separate - it's a completely different function.
This design is why they don't use clothes dryers in Asia and Europe - because of the centrifuge spinner.
As for load size, I do laundry for two adults and one 5 year old every couple of days - I hate letting a week of dirty stuff pile up. It would be hell to air dry a week's worth of wet clothes. However, doing smaller loads more frequently allows you to avoid using the clothes dryer. You can have fewer clothes, too. Another $$ saver. (Having more underwear and socks is NOT the answer!)
The dryer not only costs $$ and is ecologically incorrect, it destroys and shortens the life of your textiles so you do want to avoid using it anyway, right?
The small footprint means it fits nicely in our small Manhattan apartment's half bathroom. I doubt any other machine would fit in there. No installation is necessary - you just need a sink. The casters make moving it around easy. It's pretty lightweight - I am a petite woman and I can move it myself. In our prior apartment, it slid around nicely in our small kitchen.
For the best reviews, see [...]- there are like forty reviews there, more fair and comprehensive than the two here.

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The Danby washer has a 10lb (4. 5kg) capacity washer, Energy efficient full length agitator, 2 wash options (normal & gentle), Rust resistant galvanized steel cabinet, Lint filter, 1600 RPM spin dry cycle, Safety lid - spinning stops when open, Built-in castors for easy movement, and a Quiet operation. The washer dimensions are 28 15/16 x 17 2/16 x 36 4/16.

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