Whirlpool Duet Sport : WFW8300SW 27 Front-Load Washer - white Review

Whirlpool Duet Sport : WFW8300SW 27 Front-Load Washer - white
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I purchased my matching washer and dryer at sears and have this exact model. First I have to say this was not my first choice as I tend to want to purchase the "cadillac" of every home appliance. However financially I had to be slightly more modest with my selection. I am amazed with this machine and pleasantly suprised!!
-It is EXTREMELY QUIET and the loudest part is at the end when it is spinning out the water, it kind of sounds like a quietly-muffled jet engine..lol
-On the very first wash I did my CLOTHES CAME OUT 3 TIMES BRIGHTER than my last regular top loader.
-Oh!! And it BARELY USES WATER....It turns to the right then the left coating the clothes with the detergent water until it saturates them completely. Then it begins the washing process where it turns several times to the right and then to the left all the while it basically beats the clothes against the drum as it turns..Kind of reminds me of the old times when people would wash their clothes in the creek and beat them against the rocks. :) It is such a simple concept and yet it tooks so long to get here!
-The other thing I like is the detergent compartment...it has 3 places to put your detergent, bleach and softener and then you walk away, no going back to add the softener.
-Another thing I noticed is that when the spinning process is complete the drum turns a few more times to the right and left to loosen the clothes from the sides...they come out of the washer fluffed and easy to keep wrinkle-free.
I haven't found anything yet that I don't like about this washer....I am a hard person to please and I am tickled pink with this! :)

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7 cycles, including whitest whites, heavy duty, normal/casual, quick wash, delicate, drain/spin, rinse/spin
6 hour delay wash
On/off end-of-cycle signal
Infinite water levels
Out-of-balance detection
Automatic temperature control
Ultra Efficient Design - uses 60% less water and 67% less energy in every load, compared to average traditional top load washers
Ultra Capacity
Care Control Temperature Management - keeps water warm enough to dissolve detergents for optimal cleaning and cool enough to help protect fabrics from shrinking and bleeding
Deep Clean System
Innovative Suspension System
Clean Washer Cycle - helps keep the stainless steel basket and drum clean of detergent buildup and odor
Dimensions: (HWD) 36 x 27 x 30 In.

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