Persil Laundry Detergent 120 Loads (Case of Three 40 Load Boxes) Review

Persil Laundry Detergent 120 Loads (Case of Three 40 Load Boxes)
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Persil Laundry Detergent We bought a front loading MIELE Washer and Dryer in 1991. I had a brand new pair of Maytag laundry machines and just found them to be flimsy and poorly made. Walked into a custom kitchen dealer and they showed me the Miele's and it was love at first sight. The Maytags went to my ex wife and the Miele pair was installed. Miele included a box of Persil and recommended NOTHING else. I thought "sure" how much better can this be? The answer is AMAZINGLY better! Better than Tide or Wisk or All or Cheer or any other top US brand. I keep four boxes of Persil on the shelf at all times - when I get down to opening the 2nd one, I re-order it. NOTHING ELSE CLEANS as well. I'm still using those Miele's and still hooked on Persil - I can wash sheets, towels, underclothes, and then turn around lower the temp and do my best custom shirts and the results are always amazing. Stains that won't come out with anything else are history with Persil. Sport socks that are worn around the house like slippers and get ground in black on the bottom come out snowy white again - no soaking, no pre-treatment, no bleach. Just Persil and Hot water and the stains are GONE. This stuff is NOT cheap. Tide is probably 1/3rd cheaper to use. But Persil will do what TIDE never could. Some things are just worth the extra cost. This is one of them. Try it and you'll never go back. BTW: the amount of "recommended" detergent is more than you'll need for all but the absolute dirtiest loads imaginable. Try using two tablespoons of this in a front loader and see if that does the trick. The Miele guy taught me this one. So the 54 load box actually does more like 100 loads if they're only "average" dirty. If you have soft water you can use EVEN LESS! This stuff is truly AMAZING! I can't recommend it enough. OH, it is made for front loading machines - it doesn't ever oversuds. Why it's not sold here in the grocery stores I'll never know. It would kick Tide off the shelves in a matter of weeks if most of America tried it! And no, I don't work for Henkels (the manufacturer of Persil - or Miele, either.) But I know quality and value when I see it. Try one box of this stuff. It's that good!

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Persil Detergent is a heavy-duty high-efficiency detergent used for all types of fabric. Recommended for whites, light colors and colorfast fabrics. Persil Powder ensures the best cleaning performance while being gentle on your clothes and the environment. The ingredients used in Persil treat the fibers gently, that will keep your clothes looking new longer, helping to preserve their original look and feel with a fresh clean scent.This listing is for 1 case of 3 Persil Laundry Detergent Boxes each containing 40 Loads (120 Total Loads).

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