Frigidaire GLTF2940FS 14 Cycle Front Load Washera Review

Frigidaire GLTF2940FS 14 Cycle Front Load Washera
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I had a very cheap washer that lasted for 5 years. When it broke down, rather than considering spending $50 just to have someone look at it, I decided to buy a new one.
I wanted a front-loading washer because they are gentler on clothes and use less water. However, after looking at some, I realized they were mostly pretty expensive.
I did a lot of research and Consumer Reports rated this washer as the best I could hope to get for the price. Finally after much shopping, I found a white one online and ordered it. I installed it myself in about 10 minutes and started washing.
We've now owned it for 4 or 5 months and I love it. It is very easy to run, very stable and operates flawlessly. I have washed all sorts of things in it and have never had a single problem. We have this in our kitchen-area right off the living room and, while it is a little bit noisy, it is much quieter than the other standard machine I had.
The one thing I've been a little trepidatious about is the detergent drawer which feels sort of cheaply made and ill-fitting. However, I've been careful with it and have learned how to use it and it really isn't that bad. Don't let that sway you from purchasing this machine. I really think you can't get anything better for your money. Even machines that cost over 2x didn't have the performance rating this one had.

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Frigidaire is the largest manufacturer of front load laundry in the world. So you expect contemporary styling that's beautifully designed to fit your lifestyle. You trust that the iCare Intelligent Fabric Care System gently washes and completely dries to keep your clothes looking their best. With no agitator, you count on tumble action to wash so gently and rinse so completely that your clothes feel fresher and last longer. And, with the added capacity and efficiency of front load, you look forward to spending less time doing laundry and 70% less on energy and water consumption. You expect all this from Frigidaire... and they deliver. Your laundry never looked so good.

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