Danby Designer DDW1899WP Full Console Portable Dishwasher with 5 Wash Cycles,... Review

Danby Designer DDW1899WP Full Console Portable Dishwasher with 5 Wash Cycles,...
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I have owned Danby Products before and have never been disappointed. This is a well built machine at a great price. It does have a long cycle but I've never had a built in so I don't really have much to compare it to other than doing by hand. the Normal Wash setting runs about 2.5 hours from start to finish. But it is very quiet compared to what I have heard in friends homes. I live in a small home and my bedroom is right next to the kitchen. I am able to start the washer before I go to bed and not hear a peep. It is like having my own magic elves doing the dishes while I sleep. Of course, nothing is perfect and I will say that the "drying" mechanism doesn't always mean that I wake up to dry dishes, but it seems that it depends on the dishes. Ceramic type dishes dry very well while plastic seem to be what holds the droplets of water... Also, top rack doesn't seem to get the benefit of the heat like the bottom rack. Secondly, I've read tons of reviews on a variety of websites (competing sellers, nexttag, etc) and a lot of the problems can be avoided by reading the manual, which is not an easy feat since the manual is not all that clear on some things. The number one thing I've read is what is the funnel for... well, if you open the machine and pull out the bottom drawer, you will see a great big dial looking thing next to the water arm... that is where you would put water softener salts (if you live in a hard-water area)... Unscrew that cap and the funnel use is obvious. Third, If you don't think the adapter will fit your faucet, know that the quick-release adapter has threading on inside and out, if your faucet has threads on the outside, just take the big fat washer out of the adapter and you will see the inner threading (don't forget whenever you work with water, you MUST use thread tape). Now the machine does heat your water but I have an older home and don't have the strongest water pressure. I alleviate this by turning on both the cold and hot taps full blast and it seems to be working. I will continue to buy Danby products because what the manual doesn't cover, usually common sense and a little examination of the machine takes care of and I've never been disappointed in the quality of workmanship.

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Danby is one of the largest household appliance marketing companies in North America, with an impressive lineup of compact, specialty and home comfort appliances to suit the lifestyles of today's consumer. Available at AJ Madison. Their History... Danby was founded in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1947, as a manufacturer of small electrical appliances and compact refrigerators. In 1981, Danby was re-located to Guelph, Ontario. 2007 marks Danby's 60th year in the business of providing quality products to the North American market and thanks to their customers, business keeps getting better. Their Products... Danby's reputation as a leader in the appliance market has been achieved by researching what consumers want and providing quality innovative products at competitive prices to fit their lifestyles. Their products are marketed under four brands: Danby, Diplomat, Silhouette and Simplicity. Their Goal... Danby's commitment is to provide exceptional quality and value with a continued dedication for creating innovative, unique products that are designed to fit your lifestyle. This Danby Designer 8 place setting dishwasher is a convenient and efficient addition to any home. At 18 wide this model takes up minimum space and the built-in castors allow it to be easily moved. Energy star rated and boasting a low-water consumption feature, this model is eco-friendly. Suitable for not only condos and apartment this model even offers a built in soft water system for remote cottage locations.

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