Retractable Clothesline - 20 Feet Review

Retractable Clothesline - 20 Feet
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Worked fine. Used on an enclosed porch.
Got this to dry clothes the old fashion way, without clothes dryer. If you like the stiffness taken out of clothes hung on a line, remove them before completely dry and put them in clothes dryer to fluff them up.
For light duty drying only. Not for heavy, wet clothes.

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Dry your just-washed clothes with the 20 foot retractable clothesline. This retractable clothes line is a handy accessory that can be used both in the house and in the backyard. With an outdoor retractable clothesline, all your clothes can be hung out in the sunshine for quick drying. Being retractable, this clothesline does not occupy too much small space when not in use. That?s why retractable clotheslines are ideal for smaller houses where space constraints exist. With a 20 foot long clothesline, the retractable clothes line is long enough to dry many clothes at a time. The line is encased in a strong plastic casing and can be slid out in a jiffy when needed. The retractable clothesline easily mounts to a wall, with the other end of the line having a hook that can be attached to the opposite wall, or wherever needed.

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