Honeywell HW7500E 9375 Watt 15 HP 420cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Home Generator With Electric Start Review

Honeywell HW7500E 9375 Watt 15 HP 420cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Home Generator With Electric Start
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Amazon has this generator for the lowest price on the internet and much better than locally (once factoring in free shipping which normally costs $170 and tax free which is generally $70 or 7% in Indiana).
Shipping is awesome although it was out of stock for a while. ABF shipping is great. Item arrived intact via smaller truck after 1 week. ABF called my cell phone and arrange for convenient delivery time (signature required). Driver called day of delivery for 30 min. warning that item is coming. Driver hand-trucked 278# generator which is in original Honeywell box without any crating down a 100 foot long driveway into my garage for my wife. This is not the norm as free shipping generally means curb-side drop off and it's up to me to dolly this baby into my garage. My wife gave the driver a nice tip and I called him personally to thank him.
I ended up cutting the box to get the generator out due to heavy weight. I used a dolly padded with a thick towel to lift generator on its side to put on the wheel kit and 2 back legs with enclosed nuts/bolts (no washer needed or included due to specially designed bolts and nuts with washer flare). The tires are solid rubber so nothing to inflate or to go flat (nicely design), and are held on the shaft via washers and cotter pins. The handles fold nicely and bolted on with same type of nuts/bolts. Nuts and bolts are metric so get out you metric wrenches or sockets.
Honeywell HW7500E generator is a beauty. Red, metal fuel tank holds 6.5 gallons with fuel gage and metal gas cap. Black accents and red engine are easy on the eyes. I used Stabil fuel stabilizer from Walmart (1 oz per 2.5 gallons) to allow storage of gas in the tank so it's ready to go with less gunk build up and easier start later. Generator shipped without oil. I did not use the enclosed free 1 liter of 10W30 oil or free tiny funnel, and used instead full synthetic 10W30 oil (5 liter jug) with long neck funnel from Walmart. I recommend pouring the oil into a clean disposable plastic cup and then using this cup to pour the oil into the funnel to reduce drips, waste, and mess. It took a full quart of oil.
I installed a Reliance 30216BRK manual transfer switch kit (bought on Epay for $_1_8_0 shipped--more at Lowes) and used the included 20 foot 14-30 cable from the 30216BRK kit to hook up the generator to the switch (generator is placed outside the garage of course to avoid carbon monox. posoining) when generator is needed. This switch and generator provide power to 50 gallon electric hot water heater (3000 watts), 2 fridges (1600 watts), 2 freezers (1600 watts), 6 ceiling spot lights, and 2 ceiling fans to family room. Obviously, the water heater will be switched on and off just for showers (once existing water in the tank cools) to reduce the load otherwise. The generator does have an idle control, stutters now and then when the water heater kicks on, and does not get any louder than a 20" push gas lawn mower. I can hear the generator barely in the house at night but not during the day. Generator is 10 feet from the house's brick wall, outside the garage door which is closed on top of the generator cable.
Starting is easy with plastic cheat sheet numbering 1 through 7 steps with electric start. 12v/14Ah sealed lead, tractor type battery started the generator with first push of the switch. This battery can be charged with a "smart" car battery charger if set to 2A mode for 6-8 hours. It can be replaced at Walmart or Lowes in the lawn tractor section. Stopping the generator is as easy as 1) unplug, 2) let run 3 more minutes, 3) push the button off, and 4) turn the fuel switch to off (also clearly stated, step by step, on the attached plastic poster).
Overall, this is an excellent generator for the price of $999.99 due to 1) 3 year warranty (1 year parts and labor, other 2 years parts only), 2) Honeywell brand (not the cheap Chinese junk like Powermax, Pro-Grade, Buffalo Tools, Blue Max, Chicago Tools, Eastern Tools, and numerous other aliases--best clue is the chincy 1 year warranty with them sending you the parts and you do the repair yourself or locally at any lawn mower/motor repair shop whose cost may or may not be covered by them), 3) 7500W continuous, 9375W peak watts (Chinese generators have exaggerated wattage ratings so beware), 4) included free accesories (25 foot L14-30 cable to 4 outlets which costs around $60-100 on Epay and even more locally), 1 quart of oil, cheapy funnel, 12v battery, step by step start/stop cheat sheet, toll-free help line with fast pickup by real Americans, and flat-free wheel kit.
I do wish that the fuel tank can be 10 gallons instead of 6.5 gallons, included funnel has a longer neck, easier access to fill oil, less noise is always a plus, included cable is standard 14-30 male to 14-30 female to allow easier hookup to transfer switches--it already has 4 outlets on the generator so why do we need 4 more on the generator cable?, outlet covers to keep them dry in the rain (I plugged them up with baby-proofing outlet covers at Walmart), and actual bumper to bumper 3 year warranty.
Despite these mentioned weaknesses, this generator is still a great buy at Amazon for this price.

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Designed to help you stay safe and comfortable during power outages, the dependable Honeywell HW7500E Portable Gas Powered Home Generator delivers a host of advanced features that will help put your mind at ease. Featuring an easy-to-use electric start and ample outlets, this highly efficient 9375-watt generator lets you run vital household appliances during power outages or natural disasters.

Not Approved for Sale in California
Note for California residents: This model is not CARB-compliant; for a comparable CARB-compliant model, see the HW7500EL. Units sold to California must be CARB-compliant.
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