Smelly Washer Washer Cleaner, 12-Ounce Review

Smelly Washer Washer Cleaner, 12-Ounce
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I bought some smelly washer, dubious at first.
I have googled the smell/mildew problem with front loading washers and was sad. I've had skin problems and now found the culprit. I'ld paid a lot for my GE washing machine. I had read the websites full of recommendations. I had already tried vinegar, quart of full strength bleach etc. Vinegar helped cut the smell, but it came right back in my next load of wash. Plus, it was expensive in the quantities I had to use. If this stuff called "Smelly Washer" didn't work, I was going to ditch my washing machine and buy a top loader.
I ran one cap in hot water through the machine. I let it soak overnight. MY GE Front loading washing machine still stank, but was slightly better. Progress! I wiped my finger around the seal, and there was still black slimy gunk, but it looked a little, say, "gellified". Something was going on.
So I ran another cycle of smelly washer. I didn't have time to soak it this time. The washer got cleaner. Oh boy! Light at the end of the tunnel. I was hopeful. There was only some light gellified gunk around the seal, but getting much better. Full instructions for washing (provided by Paul Flynn at Smelly Washer company) are at [...]After 5 cycles of smelly washer, the smell was much better. And the gunk was now just a thin slime. I ran a load of laundry with Tide HE laundry detergent. My clothes reeked again. AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I should have noticed it was the laundry detergent that was the culprit. Ok, so maybe I'm a bit dull in washing machine smell investigation, but I shouldn't have to do this.
I ran another cycle of smelly washer to clean out the washing machine smell. It was better.
On a tip from another booklet I bought on Amazon, I bought some ERA HE laundry detergent from Walmart, and my washer smelled awesome, my clothes were clean and I was enormously happy. Oh man oh man. I was happy it was cleaned and upset that I had to go through all this after years.
The short of the story: Clean your washer with Smelly Washer and then switch to ERA HE laundry detergent. All other detergents I've tried make my washer smell. Smelly Washer + ERA = Brad's happy with his clothes again.
I was also told by Smelly Washer company they have a page describing why the washer smells -[...] but I haven't read the page yet. All I know and care about now it using ERA to keep the smell gone and my clothes clean.
I can hardly believe now, that after years, I couldn't tell the difference between clean and dirty clothes by smelling them because my "cleaned" clothes had a mildew smell to them.

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Smelly Washer Cleaner is guaranteed to eliminate bad odor from any front load or top load clothes washer. After cleaning your washing machine Smelly Washer is the only washing machine cleaner available that will also remove mildew odor from towels, fungus smell from clothing and musty odors from your other laundry! Go to our blog page for more information on how to remove washing machine smell and any towel that has a funky, moldy scent and keep it away. Smelly Washer Cleaner is the only all natural washing machine cleaner available. One bottle has 24 treatments compared to 1-3 for competitors. Save money on appliance repair bills by safely and easily cleaning your dirty clothes washer yourself. Remove stinky mildew odor from any front or top loading washer. Just a cap of Smelly Washer in a hot cycle and let your washer clean itself!

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