Samsung : WF328AAR 4.0 cu. ft. Front Load Washer - Tango Red Review

Samsung : WF328AAR 4.0 cu. ft. Front Load Washer - Tango Red
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I have had this washer for almost a year and a half and i'm completely in love with it. The capacity is absolutely amazing. You can pack it to the brim and it will clean everything thoroughly. I don't even pretreat stains anymore. The matching dryer is equally amazing as it will dry everything perfectly in no time. We bought the set knowing we would have to stack them (yes they are stackable if you buy the stacking kit) and we got the pedestals for free but we unfortunately had to store those under a bed until we moved. The high spin barely makes any noise and it does NOT walk across the floor like some of the other brands. The vibration reduction system works beautifully. In fact, when the spin cycle just starts you can see a little wiggle if you watch it but then it smooths out and your clothes come out with practically no water in them. I also absolutely love the silver care feature. This allows me to sanitize the washcloths that i use on my face without using a whole tank of hot water. It simply passes the water over silver plates to clean out the bacteria. I also love the delay start feature. If i don't want to wait up on a load to put it in the dryer i can just set it so that it will go off a couple hours before i wake up. That way the clothes don't set in the washer wet all night and smell musty in the morning.
I can't say enough good things about this washer. In fact, if my washer broke today i would buy it all over again. I've enjoyed using it so much.

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