LG WT5001CW 27 5.2 cu. Ft. Top Load Washer - White Review

LG WT5001CW 27 5.2 cu. Ft. Top Load Washer - White
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I'm very impressed with this washer.
I previously owned a sears kenmore was a nice machine, it lasted 10 years before the electonics in it burnt up. It too was an aggitatorless model, high efficency type. Ten years ago this was one of the first of this type.
So when shopping for a new model I wanted to stick with a top load, aggitatorless, high efficency type. I was very impressed with a LG Blu-ray player I had bought, so keeping those features and the LG brand in mind I looked at thier models first.
This model had the features I wanted so I didn't even consider any other brands.
Installation was easy since I previously had hookups all in place. I didn't read much of the book. The quick install sheet mentions leveling and it was easy to see it was level. All you have to do is make sure the tub lines up with the opening. After hooking up the hoses and putting the drain hose in the drain tube, checking for levelness you're ready to go.
Before putting it in its final position close to the wall, I did one load of laundry to be sure there were no leaks from any hose or the drain. Then I moved it into it's final spot.
I gave it a good workout as I had four weeks of dirty clothing piled up, plus bed sheets and a new quilt I wanted to wash before first use. It was easy to figure out what buttons to push and get going. I only looked at the book to see what a red light was and that turned out to be the lid locked indicator. I did the first load normal and then some of the remaining loads using the cold wash only. The large capacity I might have been able to do fewer loads but I didn't want to overload it and wanted to test it out good first time around. All came out, as best I can tell perfect.
If you want to know about all the features, I suggest you check out the LG Website.
It's easy to get going.
Open lid
Pull out the slide out softener-detergent try and add those as needed
Push tray back in
Add bleach to a seperate spot if used
Add dirty clothing
Close Lid
Press On
Rotate dial to one of eleven load types (normal, colors, whites bedding/bulky, etc).
Push Cold Wash button
Push Fabric Softener button
Push Start
First it does laod sensing. I guess this determines how heavy the load is so it can adjust how much water to use.
It even locks the lid while in operation.
The lid is glass so you can watch your clothing spin around or it spray water on them.
There's a bunch of other buttons to modiy water temp, soil level and custom settings. But it is basically really simple and quick to get going.
The tub will lower during washing, so it won't hit the inside of the top area while spinning. It raises back up when finihsed.
A nice digital display tells you how much time is left and a set of lights tell you what cycle it is on.
At the end it plays a nice little happy tune, instead of that usual beep-beep-beep.
Features I liked or we're impressed with:
The the dial. It gives it an old time feel. Somehow just pushing buttons doesn't always seem right. The knob gives you tacticle feeling but instead of a rotating needle, it has lights that go on or off as you rotate past each setting.
The location of the detergent/softener try seems to be well placed, i think too it runs water through this so it gets all the detergent and softener out and keeps it clean.
Being able to see it work on the inside.
Cute music at end.
Without the aggitator this gives you room for large items. I enjoyed this on my other washer. Washing quilts or blankets is easy and it does a good job on this too.
It is mostly very quiet. With the direct drive motor I guess because of less moving parts. It will whine some during the final spin cycle especially when it slows down, but for the most part I could not hear much when it was running and my wash closet is in the master bathroom, so its not far away. I didn't hear any of that thump-thump you sometimes get even when doing a bulky item or large load. Even the last spin cycle the outside of the machine doesn't shake that much.
Plenty of tub space to wash bulky items.
Hadn't found any yet really. I'm sure the glass is heavy duty and won't break easily, it might scratch. I live at the beach and sand gets on everything. This will scratch glass easily if you put something down on top of the glass and a grit is between the two. But being able to see the machine at work is worth that.
One final note:
I'm not sure what burnt up my old washers' electronics. It might have been old age or it might have been a power surge or lightening. I'm guess i'm lucky I got ten years out of it. So for this one I bought a twenty buck surge supressor to put on the wall socket and plugged the washer into to it. With everything now having a lot of electronics in it and it being a high ticket item, i think a little extra protection won't hurt.

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