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Danby Portable Washer
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I absolutely love this washer..its just right in every way for a small space..it was more than I could have imagined...Easy to set and start use immediately..you may have to purchase an adapter for the sink if the faucet is too small and make sure the drain hose stays in place or risk a flood all over the floor. A set back is that you can only wash very small loads, such as 1 pair of adult jeans and maybe 2 t-shirts altogether and for a child, 2 pair of jeans and 3 shirts. The machine operation is very quiet, and I save the best for last..IT SPINS THE CLOTHES ALMOST DRY. I owned another portable machine that didn't really agitate the load, just spin them in one direction, in which didn't get the clothes clean and worst of all, it didn't spin, I had to wring the water out of the clothes by hand..wasted $149.00..I have a family of 5 and live in a 3 bedroom apt and this machine is a life saver, considering the fact that I have to lug all our laundry to an laundromat, now I don't have to if I choose not to.

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The Danby DWM99W portable washing machine is a top load washer and has a 9.2 lb capacity. The Danby portable washer is the perfect companion for people that have a minimal amount of space and are not able to install full size units. The Danby portable top load washer features convenient caster wheels and a quick connect faucet adapter, making it a snap to roll out to a sink and do laundry. This Danby compact portable washer comes loaded with features including a durable stainless steel tub, full length top load agitator, 4 water level settings, 5 wash cycles and more. Permanent Connection Option: The Danby portable top load washer is fully equipped as a portable washer, but can also be used as a fixed washing machine with standard hook ups Quiet Operation: This portable top load washer operates quietly so as not to be disturbing when cleaning clothes Numerous Washing Options: The Danby DWM99W is compact, but it has the same cleaning functions of a normal washer such as: hot, warm & cold cycles, fabric selection options and 5 different cleaning cycles

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