Panasonic SD-RD250 Automatic Bread Maker with Fruit/Nut Dispenser Review

Panasonic SD-RD250 Automatic Bread Maker with Fruit/Nut Dispenser
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EDIT UPDATE: an XL loaf weighed 2 lbs 11.5 oz
I never thought that I would be so excited about an item but I truly was. I underestimated our technology because I didn't realize that you could now stick dry ingredients into a machine and a few hours later beautiful crusty soft bread pops out! WOW! Gone are the laborious & boring tasks of kneading, kneading, leaving to rise and eventually kneading again which would take away half of your afternoon. It just isn't great time management in our busy lives this day in age, to spend it preparing and baking a loaf of bread.
Hubby attempted his first loaf (ever!) the moment the box arrived. At first glance, the machine is on the large-ish side as I suspected it would be. You could leave it on a counter but if you are limited on space as we are it just wouldn't be feasible; unless you were truly making a loaf of bread a day.
There is an instructional guide with all the tidbits of info you may need on the machine's settings and problems that may occur with solutions. There are even a variety of recipes to get you started in the bread baking world. The machine's strong points are the fact that it will do all the work and provide you with a loaf of bread after a minimum couple of hours. I am very excited to try the pasta and pizza dough settings. As far as baking, I will leave that to my trusty oven. It is still a wonderfully feature packed machine that also has a fruit/nut dispenser.
We provided pictures of our first attempt at a loaf of Pepperoni and Provolone Cheese bread. The options selected were Bake Rapid, XL loaf & Dark Crust. The selected options took a total of 1 hour & 55 minutes. Preparation was 5 minutes including pressing the selected options mentioned above and the start button. Once the bread is done, the machine will beep 8 times and you are informed by the guide that it must be removed immediately and placed on a wire rack. We had to wait a bit after removing for our bread to cool down so that removal of the kneading tool would be easy. According to the directions, if your kneading tool is stuck in the bottom of your bread then you may need 20-30 more mLs' of water. We were a bit impatient so that is why we chose the Rapid Bake option lowering the total time to 1.55 opposed to 4 hrs. Next time we will attempt the longer cooking time and see what the difference in taste and quality shall be. The machine does vibrate a bit while it is kneading, but it isn't noisy in the least. At one point I was concerned because I got a hint of "burning motors" smell, but I suspect that it may be because it was the first time it was used.
Hubby's first loaf was DIVINE! We love bread in our household to the point of being able to polish off a whole loaf in one sitting. The bread was crusty on the outside and softy/fluffy in the center with little tidbits of spicy pepperoni and herbs sprinkled throughout. While it was baking it smelled very much like a pepperoni roll. Our dogs and kitten stood below the machine sniffing at the air... that is how much the aroma permeated our household. When it was finally removed and cooled we made turkey sandwiches and there are only 3 slices left today. It was that good!! The XL was a great size for our family of 5, but it would be overwhelming for a single person or small family. I am not sure how the bread stores because we don't have any left.
Options for baking bread:
Dough type: Basic or French
Baking speed: Bake or Bake Rapid
Size: Medium or XL
Crust: Light or Dark
Timer: When you want a loaf to be ready at a certain time up to 13 hours later.
Options for making Dough:
Dough Type: Basic, French or Pizza
Option: Dough
If you choose Pizza then you skip Dough type and go straight to start.
No timer because with these options(other than pizza) you must shape the finished dough and allow it to rise and then bake in oven.
Options for making Pasta:
Select: Pasta
Rest dough for 1 hr in the refrigerator before cutting.
No timer option
Option for Baking Cakes:
Select: Bake Only
Select: Baking Time
No timer option
Total baking time cannot exceed 90 minutes.
Highly recommend for bread lovers that would like to have control of what goes in their bread. Also recommended for families/individuals that like fresh bread daily. It is wonderful to be able to make a loaf and not have to go through all of the babysitting and effort that accompanies making fresh bread. True time saver with wonderful results.
INCLUDED IS A 1 year warranty... wish it was longer!

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Microprocessor controlled for even baking, special "dispenser" for addition of nuts or fruits, 5 baking modes basic/bake/French/pizza/pasta, 2 loaf sizes (M or Xl), diamond fluorine non-stick coated pan, large lcd readout, 13-hour preset timer, white.From the Manufacturer
No need to live above a bakery to enjoy the warm aroma of freshly baked bread on a daily basis. Equipped with an array of user-friendly features, this automatic bread machine by Panasonic makes baking fresh, healthy homemade bread--and much more--easier than ever. Now anyone can enjoy the simple pleasure of freshly baked homemade bread--without the time-consuming efforts normally associated with kneading and baking bread. Just add ingredients, press a few buttons, and it takes care of the rest.

Choose from 2 loaf sizes and light or dark crust colors.

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