Maytag Neptune Washer Boot Drain 12002533 Review

Maytag Neptune Washer Boot Drain 12002533
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So it turns out that you really shouldn't wash your hair chair seat cover in your Maytag Neptune washer. Something about it throws off the balance of the machine, according to the service guy that came out to look at it. After charging me $70 for a service call that took all of 10 minutes, the gentleman informed me that after deducting the service call fee and adding applicable taxes, install fees, shipping fees and the rights to my first born (or so it seemed), the part would cost over $250. I smiled and immediately got on Amazon to find the part cheaper. I am married to a mechanical engineer, after all. Surely, he could swap out the bad boot for the new boot. I was pleased to find it on Amazon for under $50 including shipping, taxes and all other applicable fees. It was an easy fix for my husband and a nice savings for my pocket book.

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This assembly is located at the front of a Neptune Washer assembly. Maytag made. Washer Door Boot and Gasket Assembly. Comes with drain hole to provide for easy draining to reduce and eliminate molding of the door. Rubber. Does not come with new spring clamp, must use current one that is on gasket.

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