Frigidaire ATF6000FS King Size 3.5 Cu. Feet Front Loader Washer Review

Frigidaire ATF6000FS King Size 3.5 Cu. Feet Front Loader Washer
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This is my first Frigidaire appliance and I must say that I have never owned a Frigidaire product -- neither have my parents or anybody else I have talked about appliances with. With my appliance (Sales and Service) experience I can also vouch that one machine can be a gem and the next one off the line a lemon.
When shopping for a washer I admit that I was price-driven. I couldn't spend $1300.00 on a front load machine at the time so I looked further down the line. This Frigidaire washer was purchased for $649.00 at Lowes Home Improvement along with a Four-Year Warranty ($89.00). I had them deliver it since I know that these washers wiegh over 200 pounds.
3.5 CF is a good size drum for a front-load washer. My wife crams all she can in that machine and holds the door closed so that the door will lock when she presses start. Keep reading...
ICare and IWash:
What? (IWash) This is all about the gentle tumbling action that is created by a few turns of the drum clockwise and a few turns counter-wise, the law of gravity and the fact that the machine (ICare) optimizes the temperature of cold water so that your detergent is able to disolve in water to clean your clothes thoroughly.
Stainless Steel Drum:
Stainless is the way to go. There are no rough areas inside the tub to catch clothes on. Stainless steel is optimal becuase of strength and the fact that it is contnaully polished smooth by clothes unlike porceline that roughens-up with time and wears your clothes out faster.
Electronic Controls:
Love 'em. No mechanical timers that over time fail due to modern cheap materials. The electronics are sealed to keep away mositure but even with electronics vibration, power surges and time can make them fail (buy an extended warranty if available for this reason). The buttons for the controls are easy to push and easily read. The main cycle selection knob is smooth and 'clicks' into is cycle selection places. LED's tell you what cycle you have selected and a digital readout tells you how long you have til the load is done. (The digital count-down timer does not factor in spin cycles -- read on).
Wash Cycles:
Everything you will need for your regular laundry cleaning needs are right here waiting for you.
Advanced Rinse Technology:
Complete clean water rinses and high speed spins get all the detergent out of your clothes AND this washer has a an extra rinse cycle and extended spin option selections if you are skeptical.
14-Hour Delay Start:
My wife loves this because she hates leaving and knowing that there are wet clothes in the washer. For me I like knowing that my wife is satisfied with her washer.
Press Saver Setting:
this option keeps your clothes moving in the tub for an extended amount of time allowing your clothes to 'loosen' and stay 'loose' which helps avoid those nasty wrinkles.
Control Lock:
This handy little features keeps my two-year old daughter from changing/stopping the cycle during its preset cycle. It also makes it so that little fingers don't accidently open the door letting wet clothes fall out on the floor.
Door Lock Light
Can't figure out why you can't open the door or wonder if the door is locked and the washer is ready to start? This light tells you.
Alright. Those are the a few of the features. I like the fact that: (One) My wife loves her machine and (two) my clothes are cleaner then they were before when we were using that P.O.S. machine we ended up buying out of desperation at Sears.
Pros: I haven't had one problem with it in the year I have owned it. Wife loves it. It's very quiet. The glass door has offered hours(!) of entertainment to myslef and my kids. It's easy enough for me to use. It uses between 12 to 15 gallons of water per load (EFFICIENT). This machine wants to wash LARGE loads
Cons: (Yes I do have a couple.) The water pump that ejects the water out of the machine is noticable. It doesn't like small loads (a couple shirts and maybe a pair of pants), it has a hard time balancing small loads.
Things to know if you do buy this: When you hit the start button give it about 10 seconds to start filling with water (I don't know why it does it). If a load is out of balance it will deal with it on its own terms (it spins the clothes back and forth til the clothes are balanced -- this adds time to the cycle!) Buy the extended warranty through the dealer or through Frigidaire itself The cost of parts and ceritified repair services is enough to put a person into cardiac arrest. Let the dealer you bought it from deliver and install it since it is so heavy (see cardiac arrest).

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Super Capacity 3.5 CU. FT.
Seven Washing Cycles
ICare & IWash Intellegent Fabric Care
Stainless Steel Interior Wash Drum
Can be stacked, freestanding or installed under a counter
5 Spin Speeds With 1050 RPM Including Hang Dry
3 soil level selections, on/off edd tone & control lock
14 Hour Adj. Delay Start, Auto Water Level & 4 Temps With ATC
Automatic dispenser, auto extra spin & extra rinse

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