True Blues Ultimate Household Gloves Review

True Blues Ultimate Household Gloves
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I have very sensitive skin and had developed a bad case of hand dermatitis from exposure to dish washing liquids and other cleaners. I needed waterproof gloves that would protect my hands during dish washing and other cleaning tasks. Since I'm allergic to latex, the usual yellow household gloves that are easy to find in the supermarket were not an option. After long search for a suitable pair, I found True Blues Household Gloves. They are made of heavy vinyl with a woven cotton liner. Stiff at first, after several uses they become more flexible. They are very easy to get on and off. They seem very durable and should last a long time. These are great gloves that I would recommend to anyone, but especially those looking for a hypo-allergenic protective household glove.

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True Blues are quite possibly the most comfortable pair of household gloves you will ever own. Their tough vinyl shell, generous cotton liner and snug fit allow True Blues to resist hot water and household chemicals saving your hands from drying and cracking. Because True Blues are vinyl, they won't crack like regular latex gloves. True Blues are latex free and are machine washable making them the only household gloves you will ever need. Available in small to extra large.

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