Rapid Washer - DIY Manual Hand Washing Machine Review

Rapid Washer - DIY Manual Hand Washing Machine
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My son is fighting at a tiny combat outpost in Afghanistan. They have no washers, no amenities. I ordered this and had it directly shipped to my son. He called me and told me it works very well!
He said you put your water, soap clothes in bucket of water. You plunge up and down which causes a suction in the water. The water actually is sucked through the clothing and removes dirt. He emptied his bucket of water and soap and repeated until the water stayed clean. Then he poured rinse water in the buck and repeated to remove soap. All the guys at the outpost are actually excited over this litter device! No more soiled, stinking clothes!

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For hand clothes washing, this simple hand clothes washer is more effective than hand washing laundry alone. The hand powered up and down plunger washer action uses the pushing and pulling of water through the clothes to get them clean without a lot of wear and tear on clothes or your hands. This non-electric washer uses minimal water and because of the agitation motion, less soap. It sounds like it's breathing with every clothes washing motion. Save a trip to the laundromat and use it in your sink, 5 gal. bucket, pail or tub to quickly and simply hand wash soiled and dirty clothes. More compact than a hand crank washing machine, the portable rapid washer hand washing machine is a great item to have included with your emergency preparedness kit or 72 hour kit and for those week long outdoor camping expeditions with scouts or hunters or just working on the homestead where a DIY washing machine is needed.This modern version of the old rapid washer doesn't use tin plated steel in it's plunger style funnel cone construction so rust will never be an issue yet it's as durable to last and work better than those made in the 1800's. It's a great item to help you get prepared or just make your daily DIY laundry chores easier.

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